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Author Topic: Hyalgan injections...almost finished  (Read 2035 times)

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Hyalgan injections...almost finished
« on: August 23, 2007, 11:33:37 AM »
Hi I have been having a series of these injections and pain has varied from each one. First one hurt like hell as it hit scar tissue on lateral side so had to re do on medial side. 2nd one hardly felt it but last 2 been bit more painful as laso found i have scar tissue on medial side. Just takes bit of getting use to. No numbing beforehand just straight in with injection. I hate needles so spend time staring at wall while being injected. Yes you feel the needle go in  then its just like pressure pain for few seconds.
First 24 hours i ached and was very stiff and funnily enough got headache but not sure if that reaction to jabs or just where i have to psych myself up to ave it done. lol
To be very honest I haven't noticed much difference but some people on the board say it takes all five and I still have 1 to go. Also the weather here in uk been cold and wet and that always seem to affect my knees so I shall wait and see. Off to sunnier climes at end of September (Tenerife woo hoo) hoping that heat will do joints some good and then when I come back its start round 2 of injections but this lot are going in other knee and there is no scar tissue there as trying to relieve pain first before doing all the arthroscopy and such like.
Any one out there considering injections I would say go for it as you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if it works for you.

osteo arthritis both knees
arthroscopy right knee sept 05
oats procedure for osteo chondral lesion right knee June 06
TKR right knee in six months possibly
tkr delayed now another arthroscopy and hyalgan injection in 5 months
injections not done as promised saw gp and he'll do them in July