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Author Topic: patellofemoral Pain caused by cycling - will it heal?  (Read 935 times)

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patellofemoral Pain caused by cycling - will it heal?
« on: June 26, 2007, 05:37:59 PM »
Seven weeks ago I attempted a 65 mile cycle ride and I developed pain above & below both knee caps at around 55 miles (this is first time I have had such problems). 

To cut along story short I have been to see a Orthapaedic surgeon and he has told me to buy petalla straps (i've purchased 25 Vulkan ones, but haven't received them yet).  He said that I have weakened the cartilage and damaged the underside of the knee cap.  Other than the pain when I cycle, the only other problem when I extend my leg.  Basically it clicks just before the leg is fully extended.  He said this is caused by the damage caused and the petella not moving in correct alignment.  Basically, I have some questions I wished I asked him:-

1)  Will the damaged cartilage grow back if I don't aggreviate it (if so, how long should it take)?
2)  Will the damage under the knee cap rebuild?
3)  Will the knee stop clicking when I fully extend once it has recovered?
4)  Will these alignment problem sort itself?
5)  Should I wear the straps all the time initially (if so, how long?)
6)  If it works, then I assume I should always wear the straps when cycling?

I've got quite stressed over it, because I am an active person and it has stopped me cycling for the last 7 weeks (my petrol consumption has gone through the roof).

I really want to feel that if I do as he says then in say 6 weeks I should be able to do what i've always done.

Any help or encouragement will be much appreciated.  I'm taking gluscosamine, because that apparently helps cartilage regrowth.