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Author Topic: Post OATS procedure x8 weeks with lots of swelling of the knee & ankle  (Read 1031 times)

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I had the OATS procedure in April in Tampa.  I was supposed to have a follow up appt., then spoke to the doctor and he made me angry with an off-the-cuff remark and I don't want to see him anymore.  I was doing well, but today I have diffuse edema of the entire knee and the calf & ankle area below.  I've also gained 5 pounds in 1 day, maybe due to this edema?  It's very painful and I need info on what to do.  Is this serious--like I need to go to the local ER.  I'm on the east coast of Florida and my "fired" doc is on the west coast of Florida.  Now what?  Anyone know of a non-arrogant knee doc that can do follow up in the Orlando, FL area?