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Author Topic: Newbie. Oblique signal of posterior horn of the medial meniscus  (Read 880 times)

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Holy moly. Can someone help me interpret this? Any info is much appreciated.

FINDINGS: There is a small joint effusion. There is a abnormal oblique signal through the posterior horn of the medial meniscus that extends tot the inferior and superior articular surface consistent with meniscal tear. The anterior horns of the medial and lateral menisci are intact. There is no abnormal marrow signal. The cartilaginous surfaces subchondral bone are intact. The cruciate and collateral ligaments are within normal limits. The quadriceps and patellar tendons are unremarkable.

Symptoms: General pain with every step. Not really limping, but favoring a little. Pain becomes strong and stabbing with ANY activity including walking fast and "getting cozy" w/ dh. Other symptoms include pain radiating up into my high hamstring as well as a tendon snapping sensation on the medial side of the knee. Most pain while load bearing and bending is within the first few inches. Stairs are fine although going downhill and downstairs causes that subtle snapping feeling. I have no catching or locking problems. There's kind of a funky crackling in the tendon at the posterior medial side and the other side (is that a muscle or tendon?) is almost always sore.

Activities that I'd like to someday return to: Golf, Running, biking, roller blading.

Comments on surgical procedure?
Comments on recovery?
Comments on returning to an active life style?
Are the pains that aren't in the knee being caused by the tear?

1st Ortho appointment scheduled for Aug 24.
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