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Author Topic: PT advice, help  (Read 969 times)

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PT advice, help
« on: June 23, 2007, 03:46:44 AM »
Well I started PT this week. First day it felt good, real good...but then the dude wants me to get on the bike....I tell him the one at the house agrivates it and I'm not sure it'd be to smart to do tha again...well he pauses a bit then tells me, "well lets go head and try it"...I give in figuring he knows what he is taking bout more than me.

So I've gone 3 times now and rod the bike 3 times....7 minutes the first, 10 the second, and only 3 the thrid...I finally said this isn't worth the risk as I heard my knee grind and pop.

Well a week in this tendonitis feels the same or worse. They have me biking, doing squats, and the first day even had me FREAKIN jump in the air!

I guess you can say I'm having a hard time really believeing this is gonna help and I'm pretty pissed they have aggrivated it. I'm sure once yesterdays leg" workout" kicks in my tendon will flare up as much as ever.

I'm seriously considering now not even going anymore and just getting an MRI and then having surgery. What should I do? That or tell them how it is and wait it out another week?

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Re: PT advice, help
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2007, 04:29:17 AM »
I'm certainly not a doc or anything but I do also sometimes wonder why they are having me do the exercises that have me do.  So guess what?  I ask the pt person to explain exactly why they want me to do something and how it will help or hurt my knee / leg issues.  You know they all are amazed that someone would even ask these questions.  I figure I'll do pretty much anything that they ask (if possible) but I need to know why I'm doing it.

It bothers me that the ortho says to not do something then in pt they have you do it!  I've found that the pt people really do want you to understand what you are doing and they never set out to hurt you.  I do know that however, some muscle pain will always happen after pt. 

I've not answered your question but not attending pt isn't going to help your condition to get better.  Personally after I adjust my attitude and know this is for the best it usually is.


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Re: PT advice, help
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2007, 05:34:24 AM »
I don't have any answers or solid advice fo you but I will share some thoughts with ya.  First I think it is very important that you trust your pt and feel they are competant.   I don't think you feel that way.  My current pt is great and that trust really helps me and motivates me.  Second, It is ok for somthing to be uncomfortable at pt but it should not cause intense pain afterwards,  Kent always tells me we've overdone it if my pain increases for more than an hour or two or it aggravates my swelling.  Third, why would you blindly follow your pt?  It is your responsibiity to ask questions.  I don't' know what he is targeting with various exercises or how they will benefit me so I ask.  You need to make sure you understand the game plan and if you don't ask questions until you do.  It is the PTs job to educate us but if they don't know we don't get it they can't help us.  If the pt is oftelling you to do somthing in direct conflict with what the doctor has said DON'T DO IT. 
PT often takes a long time before you see results.  It is hard work and it is no fun.  I wouldn't give up on pt and jump into surgery.  Surgery is a last resort and I have found that the pt after surgery makes pt before surgery look like a cake-walk.

Please ask questions.  It is ok to do that.  Try to have some patience.  Healing and building muscle takes a long time. If you don't' like your pt it is ok to ask for another one.  I really think that relationship is important.  You have to trust them.  You are putting your knees in their care.  That's a scary place to be.

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Re: PT advice, help
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2007, 01:33:54 PM »
a lot of the time my pt makes me feel like im hurting myself worse. its VERY important to ask your physiotherapist exactly what the purpose of each exercise is and what aggravates your pain and how each thing you are being asked to do will help.

one of my exercises in particular really produces a lot of crunch/grind and i absolutely hate doing it. but the purpose of it is to strengthen a particular area that will hopefully STOP the crunching and grinding in the long run.

i absolutely agree with train wreck - pt after surgery is a place in hell that hurts so much you think you are never gonna make it out.
i would avoid surgery at all costs. im currently trying to avoid it - and the 3 sessions a day i do are so difficult and seems like improvement is so slow - but i know what post surgery feels like and id much rather put in the time now.
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Re: PT advice, help
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2007, 03:19:35 PM »
Ask questions, get a second opinion from another PT.  Tendonitis is tricky, it's inflammed, so to me.. you wouldn't want do be doing squats and things that push that tendon to it's limit.. but i'm not a PT.
Does your PT have a recumbant bike, the kind you sit with your legs out in front and pedal?  I don't have tendonitis.. however, I can only ride a recumbant bike with my knee problems... that's what my PT always had me use.

If you aren't sure about your PT Please, by all means get a second opinion. Not every PT can be everything to everyone... and sometimes a change will be for the better.  I changed PT's after YEARS with my old one and found the change was just what I needed... she was great,  and really highly spoken of... she just wasn't the PT for me. I needed someone patient enough to explain every little thing to me.. and to understand when i'd had enough of pushing through the tears and pain.

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Re: PT advice, help
« Reply #5 on: June 23, 2007, 04:08:59 PM »
        I know how you feel! I went through some of the same stuff last winter. When I first started PT after my Nov meniscus repair, I saw a PT who had a clue about PFS. Granted, I've had 4 procedures for it, and supposedly I'm tracking straight, but I just don't trust it on certain things - like bike riding or squats... This PT said that she had heard a lot of PFS patient don't do well on the bike at all, so she will usually ask, but doesn't push it.

     Unfortunately because of scheduling, after the 2nd time I saw a different PT. Being a Massage Therapist, and having been through enough knee stuff I knew exactly what they were trying to do to me. And I'm ornery enough to refuse to cooperate on some things (like the bike)!  Trust me, you don't have to do everything they tell you, they are often following a 'cookie cutter' guide where essentially 'one-size fits all' . If you know that something is bad for you, don't do it! I would not do the bike, and I was resisting doing the squats.

     I developed so much pain during PT that 3 months after the first meniscus repair (2 mos after the second), just trying to step up a curb was enough to put me in tears. I hurt as much as I did before the scopes!! now that's just wrong. And all the time, I kept telling the PT that yeah, I can do the exceriszies, but I'm having a whole lot of pain during the week - not just achey, but pain. Her response was that even though I was lifting 4lbs by then, if I had pain then I must still need PT. Couldn't conceive that maybe her program did not address my situation just because I had meniscus repairs, and that perhaps she was causing more injury.

     I talked to the PA and he diagnosed 'Anterior Knee Pain' (I love it! that's a diagnosis? sure sounds like a description  ;D ) and gave me a 6 day course of pred and told me to hold off on the PT. I did, and felt soooo much better. Never went back to PT. Since then we have discovered that the whole time I was dying in PT, the arthritis was developing like gangbusters.

    Most of what they're doing in PT is designed to strengthen the muscles all around your knee. You've got 4 groups of muscles working in 4 directions just on the thigh, and then you've got the patellar tendon and assorted ligaments. The bike not only works on flexion/extension of your knee, it also is working your quads, hamstrings and lower leg muscles. However.. depending on your background, a bike may not be in your best interest! If you want to try the bike riding, you might try it with all the resistance lowered, so that you're only going through the pedaling motion and not pushing hard.

    Tendonitis is tricky, as Linds said. When I had bicep tendonitis they had me building up with specific excersies (starting with the green resistance bands, and working in to weights), coupled with stim and some deep massage. In 8 sessions, it was gone. So yeah, tendonitis is an inflammation, but if you do nothing it can get worse, if you do too much it will get worse. You have to find just the right amount - and a GOOD PT (wish I could have seen the 2 I saw for my shoulder with my knees, but they had moved to other locations).

     It sounds like you may be doing too much too soon.  Check with your OS and see if there's something you should do for the tendonitis (maybe you need a course of pred to knock it down so you can get back on track?), and see about toning down the PT to something more manageable. - or change PTs entirely.
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Re: PT advice, help
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2007, 05:53:04 PM »
I havent had surgery and don't want to.

I have patellar tenonditis on the lateral side where it conneccts to the patella, then I have a bit on the medial side but its not as bad. Then I also now have a small bit on the right knee on the medial side where it connects to the patella. Basically, I'm fricked.

How long to you think it will take the two lesser tendonitits injuries to finally heal if I went on crutches and only did antiinflammitory treatments and stretching for a week? I think I'm gonna tell them I want to try that.