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Author Topic: Lachman reconstructed vs. "good" knee  (Read 607 times)

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Lachman reconstructed vs. "good" knee
« on: June 11, 2007, 01:26:37 AM »
My son had acl reconstruction using hamstring auto at the end of November. He had an uneventful post-op course and has been back to playing soccer for a little over a month. He has played in probably 20 games so far and many practices. Some aches and pains and yes, he is a bit afraid of re-injuring his knee. At a tournament this w/e, he felt a "click" in his knee accompanied by some pain (not much he says in retrospect, but it scared him). He sat out the remainder of the half. He had no swelling, no residual discomfort and his knee looks and feels normal. He played the next day's game w/o any problem and scrimmaged this evening with his summer league. The trainer at the tourny assessed his leg at the time and said it felt a bit looser than the non-operative leg, but had a definite "end-feel". Our PT had told us earlier that you can't really compare an operative and non-operative leg as there is sometimes a difference, but you look for the "end-feel". Opinions please....we have a six-month check coming up with the OS this week, but we are nervous-Nellies!

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