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Author Topic: Tips for reaching the floor!!  (Read 8085 times)

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Re: Tips for reaching the floor!!
« Reply #60 on: August 23, 2007, 09:46:43 AM »
Hi Denny,
Yeah - they definitely would have contacted you if there was anything to say about your back x-ray. That does sound like nerve pinching in your leg alright - sometimes these things work their own way out with time - i dont like that pins and needles sensation either!!
Thats a great idea about the massage, it could well help - if nothing else as you say - it feels good!!! which in itself promotes the release of happy chemicals in the body so thats gonna be good anyway!! - ive been considering acupuncture on my sleeping muscle to see can we encourage the miracle to happen! I might look into it - theres a place near me that I could explain and ask would it be helpful. Youve been doing a lot recently with the combining etc... so im not surprised your back has been complaining. My own back is fine again - i felt 'tight' across the torn muscle area for a couple of weeks after but then that faded away too. gotta keep the sneezing to a minimum!!!

Ive started to feel a whole lot more stable - i notice it in small ways, turning over in bed, shifting the weight from leg to leg when im just standing around, cyclying, stretching is a big one - i used to stretch and just leave the bad side limp - now i can stretch again!! but walking is still very difficult - not so unstable anymore, more awkward, stiff, painful. i think im starting to experience some secondary problems from not walking properly for so long, as my quads get stronger and my body unsconsciously starts to move properly im getting other cramps and aches and pains - in my calves, the back of my knee, my buttock......
sometimes i get a little down about it - theres a sense of frustration in waiting for the miracle to happen and also so much sweating over the physio for what feels like little return...... then i remember how dangerous bed felt 3 months ago and realise i have come a long way - but theres still a long way to go!!!

i remain patiently awaiting my miracle - wheres that advent calendar????
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Re: Tips for reaching the floor!!
« Reply #61 on: August 27, 2007, 05:58:36 AM »
It's funny how much you can enjoy a good stretch, when it's been a problem for a while. I think it's the only good thing about having any kind of injury, as you recover you appreciate those little things in life that you used to take for granted. ;D

You are bound to feel some odd aches and pains as you retrain those walking muscles, but you know if you keep at it everything will come back into line. You are so right there, it's important to look back and celebrate the progress that you have made,rather than always tiknking about how far you have to go. I think it's well worth giving acupuncture a go, sounds like a good way of kick starting things. I'm so pleased to hear that things keep improving for you, success stories are a nice change here, so keep moving in the right direction, to cheer us all up.

Things aren't to bad here the body is holding up OK during this busy season. The knee is suprisingly good, I really think that it has been better since the new doc I saw twisted and turned it, or maybe the dog actually did some good when he ran into it. Some days it's good enough that I really believe that no surgery will be needed, then you make a wrong move and you think again. The back is in it's 'volcano' stage, lots of small eruptions, could be building up for the big one, but hopefully will just settle down and go to sleep. Just to be careful I'm making sure that I'm in the right position before any sneeze, and am standing upright to brush my teeth, no bending over the sink ;D  I eventually bought myself one of those long reach grabber things, I had it in the cupboard for a while, as I knew the family would laugh, but eventually gave in and had to use it,................why didn't I have one years ago, it's a revelation, takes a couple of seconds to go round and pick everything up, no struggling.

Keep up the good work, I'll keep sending you 'miracle' vibes.
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