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Author Topic: Back from the OS- help please?  (Read 683 times)

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Back from the OS- help please?
« on: June 02, 2007, 06:38:00 PM »
Hello there, I am back now from my trip to the OS in Tucson AZ. I spent a good deal of time with both the OS and his right hand, but there are still a few things that I wonder about? What it boils down to- is that from the Xray alone he could see that I have a bone defect- minor or major he can not tell too well, but it is there non the less. The bone defect is right in line of the "track" that the knee cap rides in. When my dog slammed into me full speed, it caused the defect to worsen. So what he says- instead of having my "track" nice and smooth as still water, it is more of a cobble stone road now. Causing the knee cap to catch, wanting to lock up, popping all of the time- ect. He also mentioned that this has affected the chondromalacia. So he would like me to have arthroscopic surgery to go in and "smooth" the bones out along with seeing that we can do about the chondromalacia. Does this all sounds about right??
Another thing, he said that not only can I NOT run now before the sugery- he also said that I will never be a runner again after the surgery. No more rock climbing, no more seriouse running- not even really jogging with the dogs- he said. He hopes to get me back to where I used to be- but also stressed that this surgery would be preserving my knee for the future and protecting it. So after I have the arthroscope- I will have to keep active in my life through other activies then hiking and such. Which, I know I can do of course. Though I was taken aback by him saying this. Is that normal for a Dr to say? I did feel like he was beating around the bush with me only about how bad this is in my knee. On one hand he said it wasn't that bad at all, especially since I have perfect health otherwise and I am 22. On the other hand, he said he doesn't want me to wait too long, not even until the fall for the surgery, otherwise there might be less to work with then there is now.

Thoughts? Comments? Much appreciated, thank you.


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Re: Back from the OS- help please?
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2007, 10:11:50 PM »
Running is notoriously bad for knees, so yeah, it's not unusual for a doctor to tell a runner with knee problems that they'll need to quit. Chondromalacia is the bane of many runners. Some people will go right back to it until the pain keeps them away just the same. I think your doc is just trying to tell you that if you want to prolong the life of your knees you need to quit running. But hey, there's some good mountain biking in Tucson.

In any case, when you're facing surgery, it's always a good idea to gather up all your records and seek a second, third and even fourth opinion. Some people will shop around until they find someone that tells them what they want to hear. That's not always the best thing either. At the age of 22 you may be inclined to think you'll worry about someday. But I'm here to tell you that 'someday' happens a lot sooner than you think. When I was a little girl growing up with big brothers in a neighborhood full of boys I was often injured from sports. My mother and doctor would tell me I was going to pay for that someday. Well, someday is here.

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Re: Back from the OS- help please?
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2007, 10:58:17 PM »
Arthroscopic Debridement  “sucks out” all the chips of cartilage that are floating around in the knee.  They can shave and smooth the bone when they are scoping it.   MRI and X-rays seldom tell the whole story.  I have had 4 scopes and the joint was always worse than the MIR showed.  Maybe he is thinking ahead about what he may find.  You know, prepare for the worst but expect the best. Art/Deb keeps my knee pain free for about 2 years.  I have never had restrictions on what I could do except after TKA I was told not to play singles tennis or ski downhill.
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