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Author Topic: PFS and chrondromalasia of patella. Dr. Still wont tell me in spite of the MRI r  (Read 744 times)

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My Dr. still wont tell me about the ACL tear that was reporteds on the report.  I have read where he reports it to the insureance company though,  I have quite a bit of medical knowledge, I am a nurse and a medic and yet I just don't know why he wont  tell me.  :-X  I have been with this Dr. for almost 7 years now and he has done many scopes and an ACL recon (other knee). Not to mention the other injuries to various limbs including, fx's and ligament tears.  We are going into Sx in a few weeks for meniscus repair or debridement and what ever else he deems nec. but what worries me is the lack of telling me what has already been found and when I asked him about the PT, which I already know that he wants 8 weeks of, he says it wont be that bad and that I will have no problems.  Well, I know that PT for meniscus is usually 4 weeks and that PT for LR is 8 weeks or more.  My therapists tells me that LR is painfull and PT is very painful.  After reading some of the posts here, I have to say I am scared and yet, I already have a lot of pain,  Is there anyone who can calm my nereves or at least help me to understand why he isn't telling me everything? ???

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We can't speak for your doctor. So your best bet is to just ask him. I won't let my doctor out of the room until he answers all my questions. He knows this now so he practically asks permission before he leaves.

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I would never ever let a doc do surgery on me that doesn't answer the questions and try to hide something.
Why not be direct to him and tell him what you did read or even show him a copy ?
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