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Author Topic: Patella Realignment??  (Read 1075 times)

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Patella Realignment??
« on: May 05, 2007, 05:57:18 PM »

This is my first post on this site and I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am 25 years old and have had knee pain in both legs all my life. As a child my mother took me to doctors on many occasions who all said I was suffering from growing pains and that this would pass as I got older.

At 13 years old I dislocated my knee in sports at school. I had physio for this and nothing more was said by the doctors. I had continued pain and then 2 years ago aged 23 I dislocated my other knee. I attended physio and have been back and forth to the hospital but nothing seems to be working and the pain is increasing.

In January this year I saw an OS who advised that surgery may required. I had x-rays and a CT scan in March and had my follow up appointment last week.

The OS has advised that my knees are worse than expected. They are so malaligned that they are almost fully dislocated. He has advised that I would need 2 procedures to correct this.

I will need patella realignment surgery (I think it's called a boney realignment) and also I do not have the natural groove for my patella to track in, instead I have lumps of bone. These will need to be removed and a groove made for the realignment to work.

He has advised that the realignment procedure is farely common but the issue with the groove of my knee is not and that this not a common operation they have done. He has also advised that I could be left with permenant increased pain after these operations.

I will be going back to see the OS in a couple of weeks to advise if I want this procedure and am just looking for some advice as he was not willing give any opinion.

If I do not have this surgery I will get worse but if I do have it I may be in more pain than I am now.

Any help and advise would be great as I'm not sure where to turn.


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Re: Patella Realignment??
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2007, 07:20:43 PM »
hi there!!
i have had a realignment operation recently,it was slightly different to yours but for the same sort of reasons.
i'm glad i had the op done as my patella is now in the correct place and the op was a success.(well so far.................fingers crossed!!!!!)
it was a bigger op then the OS first thought and i first thought and its taken a lot longer period of time to get back on my feet then i first thought it would too.
it can be a stressful time and very frustrating,but if it needs doing and it can improve your original problems i think it is worth it.
i think OS' do tell you there are chances you can still be in pain/it may not work to cover themselves in case there is a chance it doesn't improve things.
i would try and get more indepth info on the procedures they plan to do and look them up on the net so you are totally aware of what it entales.
i never knew much at all about my op before i had it done and only discovered this site a fortnight or so after it was done and it has been a great help.
knowledge is brilliant! the more info you know about it the better,you can prepare yourself physically and emotionally if you decide to have it done.
if you want any more info on my op let me know!!
take care
claire x
i had a motorcycle accident-landed on right knee!(mar 05)
...arthroscopy - 4th feb 06.
...VMO Advancement,LR+JMedial reefing - 24th jan 07.
...28 feb 07 i fell down 14 stairs.....more pain and stress! at PT working on ROM and strenghening

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Re: Patella Realignment??
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2007, 10:19:03 PM »
I would post in the first forum under the Specialist office.  Most of us there have had some kind of patella alignment issues.  I had the same surgery that Claire had on Jan. 15.  I did not have the TTT which involves screws, we chose a VMO advancement and LR.  That was done in conjunction with taking screws out of my patella that were the result of a broken patella that was the result of a tramatic dislocation.

It sounds as if the groove that your patellla rides in is very shallow causing easy dislocation.  Personally, for the first time since my mid-twenties, I feel as if my patella is stable.  I don't have the fear that it will dislocation at any minute.  I am 48 now and while the recovery takes awhile, especially if you have a VMO advancement in conjunction with the TT.  For me, it was a long 10 weeks of recovery, but it was worth it! 
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1/15/07 - screw removal, LR , VMO Advanc  & patella cleanupl


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Re: Patella Realignment??
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2007, 01:36:38 AM »

I also had a realignment surgery in August of 2004 which consisted of arthroscopy, debridement of scar tissue, chondroplasty patella, arthroscopic lateral retinacula release followed by open anterior medialization of the tibia tubercle.  I have two screws inserted from an anterior approach.

I think the success of the surgery depends on each individual.  I am still having patella issues.  My patella decides it wants to slide out of place every so often.  However, I have so many issues with this knee and have had so many surgeries, plus such severe DJD of the patella and knee in general, that I can't say the surgey wasn't a success.  I am glad I had it and wouldn't change that fact.

Hopefully, you and your OS will go over the pros and cons thoroughly (my OS and I went through everything for a few months before I decided to go ahead with the surgery). 

I wish you luck and hope things work out for you.


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Re: Patella Realignment??
« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2007, 10:55:43 AM »
My story is similiar to yours, and I had a Fulkerson TTT at age 25 in august 2002. It was the best thing ever done! My surgeon first wanted to create a groove to, but he changed his mind as he thought it wouldn't be effective and would only cause more pain and greeve in the end. So I had the TTT and my knee is better than ever, but I have to say it's not 100%, it can't be. Because of the severe cartilage damage that was already present, and because I don't have the grooves. My kneecap is still a bit unstable when I severely overdo things (but I really have to do a lot!) like 4 weeks ago when I went on a badmintoncamp and after 3 days (9hrs of badminton each day) my kneecap decided it was enough, but I felt it in time and rested a bit and ended the camp really well. I am very active, I work on ER, ambulance and MICA, I play badminton 9 hrs a week plus tournaments, I run every other day (4km). And the knee holds up very well!

Hope this helps, can't tell you much about the procedure where they make a groove. Hope things go well!

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Re: Patella Realignment??
« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2007, 02:42:50 PM »
Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's so nice to hear from people who have been through this too. I can't say how pleased I am that it isn't all horror stories! It's good to know that there is hope of improvement if I decide to have the surgery.