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Author Topic: post-op cyst formation and synovial fluid?  (Read 916 times)

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post-op cyst formation and synovial fluid?
« on: May 03, 2007, 10:03:33 PM »

I am now three weeks post-op and in general things are going very well.  I had ongoing knee pain (for well over a year) and it took about 9 months to get a dx.  I searched high and low and found an excellent surgeon, who immediately gained my confidence.  I had both the suprapatellar and medial plica resected and an anterior release/lysis of adhesions.  I was TTWB for two weeks and have now weaned myself off the crutches completely.

My complication started at two weeks post-op when I started ~15 - 20% WB, when the nodule over my lateral portal (which I have been doing soft tissue work on) decided to swell from a marble to the size of a ping pong ball.  I spoke with both my PT and the PA at my OS office and no one seemed concerned.  The inflamation returned to about the size of a marble and this past Sunday (19 days post-op) while doing my patellar mob/soft tissue work, some pale yellow fluid oozed out of the lateral portal incision site.  I caught up with my OS on Monday and he was quite busy, he seemed to think it was a cyst with synovial fluid leaking out of the incision.  He instructed that I stop the soft tissue work for a week.  When I asked him about scar tissue formation, he responed that it forms over the first six weeks...

As you can imagine this is a bit discouraging and takes willpower to not try to work out this nodule/"cyst".  As its like wanting to pick at a scab when your six years old :-) ...but I am abstaining and not doing soft tissue work over/around the lateral portal/nodule!

My question is, has anyone else had this sort of issue and will this mass/cyst subside with time? (as it is quite large!)
Also, is a week "off" without doing soft tissue work in that area gonna set me back re: scar tissue formation?

In general things are going well, I have good ROM and no pain, I am just worried about this cyst and any subsequent scar tissue formation.  Can't wait till next week, when I can begin the soft tissue mobs again!