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Author Topic: step down  (Read 674 times)

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step down
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:16:38 AM »
I have been doing PT since my realignment surgery in December.  I have been back a week full time for 8 weeks.  I do not feel that my knee is as strong as I like, but I also feel that I am past needing PT.  I also have no disc at my L-5. plantar fasciitis and degenerative disc in my c spine.  I used to be thin, but now am about 15-20 lbs heavier than I would like to be, in large part due to orthapdic issues making exercise difficult  I recently found out about a step down exercise program sponsored through a local hospital. There are two exercise physiologists on staff and PT's available on site for consults if needed.  They customize a program for you based upon your needs and "limitations."  The program will have three elements, stretching, strenghtening and cardiovascular.  The cost may not be covered by insurance but considering that the fee is $50.00 a month for two sessions a week or $80.00 for three sessions a week, it appears to be a bargain.  Hopefully dropping a few pounds will help with the plantar fasciitis.  Has anyone been involved in a similar program?
6/2004 partial lateral meniscus removal and microfracture left knee
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08/2009 - feeling good so far work 50 hrs a week