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Author Topic: 2 weeks post op keyhole surgery.  (Read 886 times)

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2 weeks post op keyhole surgery.
« on: April 19, 2007, 11:13:15 AM »
Hi all,
I am 2 weeks post op having had key hole surgery to investigate what i did 4 years ago, the news was not what i wanted i had a torn menicus which was repaired but also a torn cruciate ligament, i have until monday 23rd april to decide if i go for reconstruction or not.
i am a footballer, it was a tackle that did it.
anyway i am having stitches out monday i cant wait because there driving me mad, my movement in my knee is not great, does anyone know how long it takes after this procedure before you have full movement back ? i can not extend fully but then i never have been able too but bending it is not great.
any ideas.
i am so glad i have found this website now and not after my op.
thank you

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Re: 2 weeks post op keyhole surgery.
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2007, 12:06:53 PM »
Hay emmastan! welcome to the 'geeks' :) Sounds very much like me. I had an athroscopy to sort out meniscus damage (bucket handle, removed 40% did not repair, don't know why) ??? When they were in there they found ACL completly torn & 'living' somewhere else. So now I am 7 weeks PO ACLR. I am doing quite well but won't really know how good untill I return to 'normal' activities, which will be a while yet. Has your OS advised pre op PT? this is a very benificial thing even if you are a fit sportsman, as they will consentrate on the muscles that need to be PO strong. I wasn't given any formal PT but did it my self using a static bike over about 5 months. Think this helped not only in terms of muscle but got rid of some weight!!!!, which is also of benifit for me as I have gained some PO :-[ After my meniscus operation I think it took about 6-7 weeks to feel 'well' again but I did not get any physio sessions, just advice and home excercises, so did it all myself really. Never felt that I had all ROM back.

BUT the rehab after ACLR is quite a different matter. Every day for 12 weeks, and then they will not let you go untill they are satisfied that you are on track, Good old NHS aye? There are a lot of footballers on this site. They might find you here but why not put your questions into the 'cruciate ligament board and they will definately pick you up from there. Loads of help here. I wish that I had found this pre op. Good luck, catch you soon sazzle1 :)


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Re: 2 weeks post op keyhole surgery.
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2007, 12:16:48 PM »
Thanks so much for that, i can remember my os saying about some physio, but i did explain to him that i have had that off and on for four years he said there was no reason i could not get the operation done as soon as, was a huge shock as i had not relised the damage i had done and had continued to do for last four years by continuing to play football etc. i am up fpr trying anything so will be getting out to invest in an excercise bike as i can understand how good this will be. as for the decision i am almost sure i will have reconstruction surgery, this monday a big day for me, stitches out and a good chat with os watch this space. thank you  :D

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Re: 2 weeks post op keyhole surgery.
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2007, 02:41:20 PM »
I think it's worth doing...take a look at the cruciate section there are a few people who have carried on without but probably a lot more who have taken teh surgery option.
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Re: 2 weeks post op keyhole surgery.
« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2007, 08:16:12 PM »
Get the ACL fixed. It's quite likely you tore your meniscus because your knee was unstable due to the ACL being torn. At least that's how it happened with me. Unfortunately, when I tore my ACL in 1973 they didn't know how to fix them. My knee is toast. Don't even think about playing sports without an ACL.