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Author Topic: Femoral Chondral Defect & Bilateral knee/hip Bursitis/altered gait  (Read 1748 times)

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I have just had my 5th right knee arthroscopy tidying up loose cartilage.  My knee is recovering slowly however the more that I walk post-op the more my left hip bursitis flares up.  I have had a troncanteric hip/bursectomy in 2004.  Which caused my left hip busitis to subside for about 3 mos.  I have had two knee injuries, the first being a blow to my bended knee, which caused my altered gait and thus Bilateral Bursitis.  I also had a right knee bursectomy in 2004.  My prognosis is that I will have to have a TKR(total knee replacement) in the next 5 or more years??? Is there a cure for bursitis?  I have prescribed orthodics which have not changed my altered gait - is there another way to correct this?  I am swimming and doing water exercises.  My whole lifestyle has changed and I have a constant pain in my left hip...  IBprofen and IB stretching does not help.  I have seen a rhumatologist and he has prescribed me sleep medication as I wake up nightly with bursitis pain.  Any other advice or useful info?  Thanks, M     
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Re: Femoral Chondral Defect & Bilateral knee/hip Bursitis/altered gait
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2007, 04:16:04 AM »

Have you worked with a physical therapist to do some gain training?  To aid in this the PT might be able to suggest some strenthening exercises that you haven't tried yet.  I'm assuming since you just had an arthroscopy that the blow to the knee didn't cause more damage, like a ligament tear? 

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