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Author Topic: Major Knee Injury Advice Needed....  (Read 1332 times)

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Major Knee Injury Advice Needed....
« on: April 11, 2007, 01:16:50 PM »
Hiya everyone, i'm sure you get asked similar questions all day but hopefully i can get some advice from people in or had a similar situation would be great :)
I injured my Right knee playing football on 17th March 2007, this is what i did (MRI results)....

MRI Knee RT: Extensive Soft Tissue Oedema Surrounds the Knee

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is Attenuated

Posterior Cruciate Ligament is Deficient

The Medial Collateral Ligament is Intact

The Lateral Collateral Ligament Complex is Disrupted

There is a Bone Bruise Involving the Antero Medial Corner of the Tibia

There is a Radial Tear in the Posterior Horn of the Medial Meniscus

There is a Horizontal Tear in the Lateral Meniscus

No significant Abnormality Seen in the Quadriceps Mechanism

Significant Internal Arrangement With Rupture of the Posterolateral Corner of the Capsule

On 24th March 2007 i had surgery, the surgeon repaired the two damaged menisci, repaired the Lat Col Lig and also repaired the Capsule....

Hopefully all that needs repairing now is the Post Cruc Lig, i have been for my 1st consultation today and the surgeon has said that the PCL is to be left for around 6-12months before a decision is made on whether to reconstruct, my main worry is i play football at a good level and being realistic i know that their is a possibility of not playing again... I am keen to begin Rehab soon, (Finally getting to the Point :D) i m worried of maybe getting 50% fit "X" amount of months down the line and suffering instability then needing to have the reconstruction then being back at route one... Anybody had serious knee surgery and had success at getting back to a sport at same level ????
March 24th 07 Surgery to:
Lateral Collateral Ligament Complex is Disrupted
PCL Complete Rupture
Radial Tear in the Posterior Horn of the Medial Meniscus
Horizontal Tear in Lateral Meniscus
Rupture of the Posterolateral Corner of the Capsule

PLC & PCL Recon using Bi-lateral Hamstring Graf

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Re: Major Knee Injury Advice Needed....
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2007, 04:56:01 PM »
Welcome to the board.

I would highly advise you to speak to your athletic trainer.  Thats who you need to talk to, not non-professionals on this board who are unaware of the circumstances of your injury.   

This is an odd injury.  Almost guessing your legs got tied up and you got hit/rolled on the backside and twisted it bad with your toes pointed inward.  In any football position, this is a bad injury because the liklihood of reinjury is very significant. 

The PCL is a very weird ligament, especially when talking about reconstruction.  Whether or not to reconstruct a fully torn PCL is highly controversial in the medical community.  Reconstructing a stretched one is almost unheard of.  Its one of the most technically challenging surgeries in all of orthopedics due to its position in the knee.

ACLs are a dime a dozen and return to full play at equal or better strength in 4-6 months.  However, an ACL tear and your injury are totally different

Your situation has muliple facets and its best to discuss with somebody who knows your case.  Your timeframe for recovery and status for next season are things you have no control over and should trust your medical team.  Focus on rehab and let the rest work itself out.  Just remember you have to spend the rest of your life on that leg, good or bad, and thats a really long time.  Best of luck
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Re: Major Knee Injury Advice Needed....
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2007, 11:28:17 PM »
You definately need to speak to professionals on this one. Can anyone return at pre-injury level?  It did not happen for me but I am O K with that.  Anything is possible and if you want it bad enough I have to believe it could happen.  You need to approach this believing that.  Look at the abuse pro athletes bodies endure.  They also want it bad.

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Re: Major Knee Injury Advice Needed....
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2007, 12:21:00 AM »
My original injury was so long ago I really couldn’t speak to “back to the way it was” .  I just don’t remember that far back.  It was incredible what ACLr did for me.  BUT remember ACLr was in 2002..original injury 1968.  So I don’t think what I would say would apply to your situation. 

I just wanted you to know that there are so many things that can be done today.  I do know that it was really really bad after the fall that severed my ACL and over the years my knee gradually fell apart.  After ACLr I didn’t have any problems doing anything I wanted.

You do need to get everything checked out.  There are so many tricky things that can happen to a knee.  If you put off going to the OS you could very easily make a bad condition worse.
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Re: Major Knee Injury Advice Needed....
« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2007, 08:07:45 AM »
Michael Owen ruptured his ACL in June last year during the world cup, I think there was also some other damage, possibly meniscus amongst other things.

Anyway, he is returning to football and apparently scored his first goal last week in a friendly match.  The only difference is that being a top pro you get the best of everything... surgeon (Steadman) and rehab, all day every day i would guess.

Theres a bit more about it here;
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