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Author Topic: Of course...why me....  (Read 1162 times)

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Of course...why me....
« on: April 10, 2007, 03:22:28 PM »
Why do things have to happen to me?! I was walking down these black marble stairs at school yesterday and missed the
bottom step and landed on both of my knee caps. I landed so hard that they were numb when I got up. Now they are
seriously brusied today and super sore. One is a little swollen....

Why oh why....... :-[
February 2002--Popliteal cyst and Cartilage Repair

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Re: Of course...why me....
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2007, 04:12:10 PM »
hi there VanillaBeanGonzo,
i can really feel for you!!
why is it we always seem to injure ourselves in the one area we really could do without!!
i had a fall at 5 weeks post op (down all 14 of our stairs) i was feeling very sorry for myself for about a fortnight and it has really set me back in my rehabbing.
i hope this has not caused any damage for you except your bruises,take it easy and get some rest (elevate and ice to try and get the swelling down)
sending you a <<((BIG HUG!!))>>
take care,
claire x
i had a motorcycle accident-landed on right knee!(mar 05)
...arthroscopy - 4th feb 06.
...VMO Advancement,LR+JMedial reefing - 24th jan 07.
...28 feb 07 i fell down 14 stairs.....more pain and stress! at PT working on ROM and strenghening