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Author Topic: Fall and Knee Pain  (Read 699 times)

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Fall and Knee Pain
« on: April 09, 2007, 02:52:50 AM »
I fell at work, landing on my right shoulder, hip and knee on March 29th. The knee pain was severe. I could not get up from the floor. We had to call an ambulance. The paramedics did not splint or brace my knee and the ride to the hospital was agonizing. I won't go into all the crazy ER events, but just let me say that when I got ready to go the nurse put an ace bandage on my ankle.  ::) The ER doc said (after xrays) that it was just probably bruised and that I should exercise it and walk on it as much as possible and that a brace was not necessary. I could not move from the bed or couch to a wheel chair without assistance. The pain was SEVERE. The next day I saw the company's PA who ordered more xrays. She also said it was just bruised but ordered a brace and no weight bearing. She wanted me to come back in a week. I can move a little better and I think that is mostly due to the other parts that were sore are better now. Even though she said I could return to work, I couldn't go because of the intense pain. I got the brace but could not wear it because it made the pain WORSE. The pain is localized below my kneecap and the bottom part of the patella hole of the brace pressed on the very painful spot. When I went back on Thurs. she didn't know why I had so much pain. She told me to leave the brace off if it hurt. She also ordered a CT scan (I can't have an MRI because of a pulse generator that I have implanted). They were able get me in that afternoon. I still don't know my results are. The PA told me she would refer me to an orthopedic surgeon depending on the CT results. Oh, there was little swelling right after I fell and in a couple of days I had a long narrow bruise that ran from the center of my kneecap to about 4 inches below. It is a really odd looking bruise. I don't have any swelling now.n There is no redness or heat.

I'm using the crutches. It's difficult because I can't swing my good leg forward because it makes my bad knee bend and hurt. It is especially difficult to stand and sit. At night I can't sleep because it hurts so much. Also, in the last couple of days I seem to have developed shin splints in the bad leg. If I stay still, I can bear the pain. This morning I needed to bake an Easter Bunny cake. Let's just say that the words coming out of my mouth didn't sound like those of a Christian on Easter Sunday! :P By the time I got home after church and a family gathering it was all I could do to get out of the car.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give a complete picture of my situation. I'm very concerned. I would like to hear anyone's ideas about what may have happened. Additionally, are there specific questions I should ask the doctor when I see him? Should I agitate to get in ASAP or is it OK to wait a few days or a week?

I have pain med9cation (Lortab 7.5mg) and I am taking 800 mg of naproxen sodium twice a day.

I will appreciate any information you can give me.

Thanks so much,


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Re: Fall and Knee Pain
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2007, 04:05:30 AM »

I would definitely push to see the OS as soon as possible.  In the meantime ice and elevate your knee as much as possible.  Hang in there!  I hope you feel better soon!

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