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Author Topic: PO 9 weeks OBI Plug  (Read 927 times)

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PO 9 weeks OBI Plug
« on: March 25, 2007, 05:57:50 PM »
I am 9 weeks post op with a 9mm obi plug in my right medial femoral chondyle-I am struggling with becoming weight-bearing, after about a week with one crutch I am back on two crutches with minimal weight bearing due to pain/swelling, my ROM is about 125.  I am frustrated as I can't seem to get back to life and wondering if I made a mistake with this surgery.  I am not back to work and not driving.  As far as excersizing I am riding my recumbent bike twice a day for about 20 minutes, doing leg lifts and trying to get the muscles working again, I have lost all muscle memory. I am still using ice, my doctor doesn't want me taking any type of pain medication at all as he feels things like ibuprofen can inhibit bone growth.  This is my 4th surgery on my right knee-

Help I am at the end of my rope-

Any advice? 
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Diagnosis:Medial Femoral Chondryl Defect
Surgeries: 1st arthoscopy-smashed meniscus repair
2nd arthroscopy w/microfracture
3rd arthroscopy removal of scar tissue
4th arthoscopy chondroplasty with OBI Plugs