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Author Topic: Meniscus and Plica Surgery almost three months ago  (Read 1005 times)

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Meniscus and Plica Surgery almost three months ago
« on: March 16, 2007, 07:16:25 PM »
Greetings everyone:

On December 21st I had surgery to remove a portion of my right knee's meniscus (degenerative tear).  After the surgery the doc told me that he also shaved down some thickened plica.  Both injuries were caused by soccer (I am on a men's amateur team). After surgery I went to PT ten times over three weeks.  I felt a lot better.

After three weeks I went for some light runs.  No problems.

I returned to playing soccer after four weeks.  The first day I played was a Saturday outdoors. No problem.  I played two days later at an indoor arena and had pretty bad pain all over.  I attributed it to muscle strain due to atrophy and told myself to take it easy.

At six weeks, I went back into soccer full throttle.  I developed severe pain in the back of my leg, in the calf right below my knee and the hamstring just above my knee. 

Now, some three months later, I still have some knee pain, and the day after I play soccer, I still get the sharp cramping pain in my calf and hamstring.  I can't squat all the way down because my right knee hurts too much.  SOmetimes I can straighten my leg all the way and sometimes I can't.  SOmetimes my knee swells up after soccer and sometimes it doesn't.

My biggest concern now is the inability to squat and the persistent sharp pain in the back of my leg (calf and hamstring).  Any advice out there?  I have been all over the meniscus page and this doesnt seem to be a problem consistent with a post-op meniscus person, so I am hoping someone who has had a plica procedure has had a similar experience...