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Author Topic: can gym create any problem for bowed legs ????  (Read 2295 times)

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can gym create any problem for bowed legs ????
« on: February 10, 2011, 09:56:48 AM »
hello me 23 yrs guy....athletic build.... i have joined gym recently and is going all good...
             my problem is i have slightly bowed legs and the traning schedule me following in gym is like alternate days of weight training and a begginer session i follow in gym for weight training is 2 sets of 15 reps SQUATS ,2 sets 15 reps LEG PRESS with 45kg,2 sets 15reps calf press, 3 sets 15 reps LEG CURLS with 30kg,3 sets 15 reps LOW CABLE ROWS with 30 kg, 3 sets 15 reps FLAT D/B PRESS and reverse back extension
         what makes me really worried is will all these exercises create more problems as my legs are bowed...i have attach image.... till now i havent faced any problems........ and i really want muscular look......
    but these bowed legs i donno wat to say,,,, should i leave gym......... ???  :-\
please any kind of help will be highly appreciated......................... ;D

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Re: can gym create any problem for bowed legs ????
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2011, 09:49:07 PM »
Nice pic.  Your right leg looks much more bowed than the left.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  I am 43 with similar bowed legs, about 12 degrees out.  All of your weight will be going to the inside of the knee and it will eventually crush the meniscus and where through the cartilage.  I am very athletic and didn't start to go down hill until around 36.  Your leg looks a little more bowed than mine.

The only real solution to fix your problem and get that weight toward the center of the knee is to straighten the tibia with a tibial osteotomy, where they break the tibia and straighten it by creating a wedge.  This will move your whole ankle and foot out so that the proper weight is transferred.  It will start with miniscus tears, etc.. then get progressively worse. 

So, yes... running, jumping, etc. will put a lot of extra weight on that inside joint and it will wear out, unfortunately.  You are likely many mm shorter on that side from the picture you includes, which could also lead to back problems.

Hey though, you were born that way AND your only 23.  No excuse not to go to the gym at your age!  You could be fine forever... Everyone is individualistic.  You may want to see a very good orthopedic who deals with bowed legs and general lower skeletal deformities (harsh word though).  This way he could give you a professional opinion and suggest the best short and long term approach for you.  WHATEVER THE REASON a KNEE REPLACEMENT will not do you a lick of good with the leg so bowed as it is.

HOWEVER, every pound you loose at the gym will save you soooo much time by reducing the pressure on that knee.  It just looks like that right leg is really out of proportion and should be checked.