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Author Topic: Please HELP! - Why does my hips/pelvic area hurt?!?!  (Read 3968 times)

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Please HELP! - Why does my hips/pelvic area hurt?!?!
« on: March 15, 2007, 03:05:50 PM »

Been a while since I was here. Situation not changed much, but some new pains have stepped into the picture. Have been meaning to ask about them earlier, but there's the shoulders that won't allow me to.

My knees are the same, painful. Shoulders too.

My shinbones have had this weird pain in them for about 6 months now. It's on the front side. Hard pressure and sharp pains. It comes and goes, the last few days it's been a lot less for a change. But now I've got a whole new place for hips..congratulations little me, the last place I didn't have pains so far, is now also gone *sarcastic smile*

I have pain and soreness and burning feelings in my hips and the muscles surrounding them. Back of my thigh just under the bottom hurts too. According to my pain diary it started about 3 weeks ago, when on one day I was doing my leg-lifting exercises at home. I admit, I've been lazy with the exercise, now that there's been so much going on, that there has been the simple forgetting. Anyway, I must've overdone the exercises that time, since after that I started having the pains. I haven't done any lef ligts after that, since I'm afraid of hurting them more. In general, I do very little at home, so it wouldn't be so strange to hurt some places badly when overdoing exercise, that has not been done on regular basis lately.

I have severe sitting disabilities at the moment. The sides of my pelvis are sore and sometimes there is sharp pains. Pelvic area is sore all the time. The sides and the tops of my hip bones are SORE to touch. The bottom of my stomach muscles are sore too. The groin muscles/tendoms also are members of the sore club. All this supports my theory of hurting these areas with leg lifts. But WHAT strain/pulling a muscle pain lasts 3 weeks? Sorry if stupid question, but it doesn't feel like muscle pain. My gutt feeling tells me something is wrong, but I don't know what exactly...and I've gotten used to trust my gutt feeling. So bad sharp pains...I can't even SIT, for pete's sake....!! :'( :'(

Lying on my side (which I do when I move in my sleep) is painful and sitting is impossible right now! Why that is, I have no idea. I dunno if it's the body pressure on hips when sitting (with legs straight in front of me because of the knees) that causes pain or what. It really sucks, since this puts even more limits to my already very limited ways of being. Like when working, I most often lie flat on my back on my bed with laptop on my lower stomach, with my legs resting on pillows. That position now causes pain to the pelvis and hips and I can no longer use that position to work. It's far from ergonomic I know, but that used to be one of the few positions working 4 me. Well, no longer..

I very often used to sit on my bed with legs straight, a bit apart, my upper body bent down towards my feet, the laptop in between my calves on the bed. I bend very well forwards towards my legs, but backwards not at all! So this weird position was not also easy, but one of the few positions I could work in. My back gets hurt easily, so that of course limits that position. If back would hurt, I'd would just roll down to the bed flat on my back, support my legs with some pillows and put the laptop on top of my lower stomach.

It's like I can't bend the tops of my legs even to sit. The position where it hurts the least, is lying down on my back with legs full straight (but supported with pillows). It's so weird I feel like screaming in frustration (my apologies to you who have much worse things going on, but this is just driving me NUTS!) 

This just doesn't make any sense! Like right now my hips are on fire...I feel soreness and burning in them all the time. SHARP pain in the, um, "sitting bones" (sorry, direct translation...dunno what they're called) My lower stomach muscles hurt at times too. My PT gives ultrasound for my hips and knees and then lympha, as usual. I really dunno what other treatments could help this. Seems my PT has no idea either. I've used both heat and cold for the hips, but nothing works.

The new medicine I've now been on (LYRICA) is helping a bit with my shoulders, but doing nothing for the hips. I really have NO IDEA how did I hurt it in the first place...! Is this common? Anyone of you have the same? How long can it last?

Should I see a doc about this? Propably, but seeing a doc is a bit of an issue now. My work contract in the parliament ends next wednesday, March 21th, after which I no longer have occupational health care in my use. The health centre at work is also closed this week. So I don't have a doc to go now way I'm going to our public health centre. The system is, that you are supposed to have a family doctor there, but the resources are so scarce that in the last 10 years (and I've lived here 20 years now) we've maybe had a same doc for 4 weeks, after which he/she has been replaced with another. And most of the time we haven't had a doc at all. Then u just go see some random doc in guard duty. Not many doctors like to work on guard duty, which explains why there's no enough doctors. And pain patients should have a good doctor-patient relationship with a doctor, who knows u and also ur medical history.

Which is as in, yeah, right. SO not happening.

That's why I've kept in touch with my old work doc, who I call my GP. I sent an email to my GP, about the situation but haven't gotten an answer yet, as he's been on vacation.

Anyway, after next Sunday I hope I'll know whether my boss wants to continue my contract or no. I kinda know it's not going to happen, but don't wanna think about it too much...when the consequences are not that rosy. (for those who don't know me; I work as an assistant to a member of our parliament and the new elections are being held next sunday, March 18th)

I strongly believe he will get elected and that he wants my dad to work for him . As most of u know, my dad has been covering for me at work since I hurt my shoulders 1,5 years ago. He at the office, me here at home, doing remote work. What will happen to me next week, I have no idea. Where to get money etc . I only have now approximately 3/5 saved of my next knee operation money. But that surgery is not happening anytime soon, so I hope I'll get to save some more by that. 

I didn't get into the pain clinic, so saw a pain doc, which suggested I'd apply for rehabiltiation allowance. So I did. Yesterday I went to The Social Insurance Institution of Finland- office with mom and handed out my application for rehabilitation allowance. The girl behind the desk phoned somewhere and looked at her computer, telling me there was no available spots before next fall in the rehabilitation programme I was aiming to. Now I have to first wait 4 weeks, which is the minimum handling my application will take, then I can start sending email queries about how my application process is going. If I get into some rehabilitation programme, I dunno where that should be, now that it seems I need to extend my vision and look for more options of where to go for rehabilitation.

Kinda long babble, but here some update of me as well. Thanks for listening and if any of you have any insight of the pelvic-area dilemma.

Edit: Maybe after Sunday I know...and then can either make an app to my work doc...or then pay to see my GP. Right now I'm REALLY frustrated and scared, because I dunno WHAT is wrong with my hips...... :'( :'( :'(

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