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Author Topic: Tendon Problems  (Read 835 times)

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Tendon Problems
« on: January 03, 2008, 05:09:25 AM »
After two surgeries (arthroscopic exam, lateral release) I am even worse and have even more pain.  I have recently discovered that I have little to no strength in my calf muscle.  This is usually when doing calf raises, standing on toes, climbing a ladder.  Has anyone ever had a tendon problem besides patellarfemoral (which I already have)?  I just think its very odd that even after extensive rehab and physical therapy, and the fact I am very fit and active, that I feel as though I can not even flex my calf muscle, or stand without my leg giving out.  I ve been waiting for 3 months now to see a different orthopedic surgeon than who did my surgeries.  I am getting restless and in a great deal of pain.