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Author Topic: Some help please...  (Read 890 times)

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Some help please...
« on: March 02, 2007, 10:19:45 AM »
Hi guys.

I was wondering if anyone couldhelp me. I am 23 years old, and when I was 11 I fell off my horse and really hurt my left knee. With a childs logic I hid just how much pain I was in from my folks. I ddint want to risk not riding again...(theyre very protective! So I hobbledround and got on with it, never even had a doctors check up.  (Im scared to death of Drs and Hospitals)
Since it was so long ago, I cant really remember when I noticed it, but I had abony lump at the base of my knee, by the top of my shin bone, and it sticks out pretty visibly when me knee is bent.

Over the years Ive gradually had more and more problems with my knee, it aches going up and down hills, I cant kneel for long periods of time, and when I go show jumping my shorter stirrups make my knee ache so much it really burns like its on fire inside - the same when I go to the gym (I kickbox)

The pain radiates more from the front to the left side of my knee, and eases up when I stop doing strenuous activity. Lately its began to ache when Im lying in bed at night. Before if I wasnt doing anything strenuous it would only ache before it rained...

Im an active person and prefer to be doing something, I jog, kickbox, play football and ride horses so its important for me to be able to do those things. But because of my fear of Drs and Hospitals Ive learnt to live with it.

Both of my knees have taken quite a battering over the years, Ive been kicked in the kneecap 4 times by different horses on my left bad knee, and more on the right. Last summer I was knocked down my a horse (I was running on foor and jumpedover a log trying to get a horse to follow me, instead he galloped at it flat out, hit me in the small of my back mid air, and I landed full force on both knees which resulted in quite a lot of pain and stiffness since it was mid summer and the dirt was like concrete)

Id be grateful for any help you could give


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Re: Some help please...
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2007, 11:00:46 AM »
hi there angie! sorry to hear of the problems you are having with your knees!
i would definatley get a medical opinion asap on your knees.
i would go to your gp who should send you to a specialist,it does sound as though you may have done damage to them and by leaving it as it is may bring you more problems when you get older.
i also hate going to docs and hospitals (as everyone one on here will probably agree!) but i do think you need to go to get a proffessional opinion on this.
there are so many things that can go wrong with your knees and they don't seem to get better on their own!
let us know how you get on!
take care,claire
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Re: Some help please...
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2007, 12:45:03 PM »
Angie, I understand your fear. I hate going to OS's(orthopedic surgeons) although I know I must.
For everytime I wonder what will be the next step. But one thing is for sure that you are free to decide yourself if they are going to do anything with your knees or not.
A check up is nothing which hurts or you need to use needles or anything.
During a check up on knees the doc can look how you stand up, walk, if you can squat.
You also will sit on or lay down on a exam table..where they doc look at your knees and do certain tests by holding your leg in certain positions and try bending and straighten.
After that maybe he/she will send you for x-rays or MRI, where photos are taken to see how your knees looks inside.
After that you will know how your knees are doing and if the doc think you need physical therapy, brace,orthotics or maybe surgery. But then it's up to you to choose what you want.
A doc can only recommend treatment never force you do go through it.
At this site you can found lots of good information, but also great support.
If I can help you in any way or you have questions feel free contact me.

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Re: Some help please...
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2007, 02:52:15 PM »
Hi Angie

I completly see where your coming from. I myself are scared to death of doctors and GP's. But in my opinion I would go and get this checked out ASAP. If you've had these problems for so long there not gonna go away on there own and leaving them could only end up mking the whole situation worse.
Get to your doctor and get a referrel to a local OS. Then they can get it checked and give you a definate diagnosis, from then you can make a decision on what you want to do. You'll be in professional hands so try not to worry.

Hope all goes well


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Re: Some help please...
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2007, 03:25:44 PM »
Please don't let these problems go any longer. I made the mistake of doing exactly what you did, following an ice skating accident in college, and have ended up with a right knee that will never be normal again and that prevents me from doing many of the activities I love, such as running, dancing and karate. It is never a good idea to ignore a problem with your knees.
I was scared to death of doctors and hospitals, too, but I've since learned that they're not as awful as I'd built them up in my imagination to be. Even if you need some type of surgery, most operations are done on an outpatient basis, so you are in and out in a few hours. That's not to say that recovery is always easy, because it isn't, but the longer you put it off, the more extensive the procedure is likely to be, and the less likely you are to have a successful outcome.
At least go and get checked out by a qualified OS. You have to know what's wrong in order to know what to do about it. Also check out the Kneeguru's website, and educate yourself as much as you can about knees in general and about your particular situation. The more you know, the less overwhelming it will seem and the better equiped you'll be to make informed decisions about your options.
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Re: Some help please...
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2007, 03:53:54 PM »
Hi Angie ~ As a horse owner & rider, I can understand what you're saying as I, too, have had numerous horse related mishaps over the years. And like you, I simply bit the bullet & got on with things. But eventually all these injuries have a way of catching up with you so you'd be doing yourself a favor by seeing a good OS & learning what's really going on with your knees.

I was fortunate to have an OS friend who plays polo so is well aware of what can happen when one works with unpredictable horses. And his advice was grounded in realism as he knew I wasn't about to give up the horses. Once you know what's going on you may be better prepared to deal with it. Wishing you well...Ellie
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