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Author Topic: My knees are destroying my happiness and I have no idea what is wrong please !  (Read 1033 times)

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This is a desperate plea for guidance of any kind.

My knees are just killing me at the moment.

I have pain in my knees all the way down to my ankle and foot.  Its a strong pain that is slightly stinging.  It starts at the knee and works its way down the calf, foot, and ankle.  I can feel it strongly on the medial side of my knees but also on the outer shin and calf.

I have knee problems for YEARS.  I've seen so many specialists and surgeons and PT etc etc all of whom say I have osteoarthritis but cannot see anything SERIOUSLY wrong with my knee.  I  don't think the pain I've got is OA to be honest.  I've had 4/5 MRI's and the wear and tear was not that bad.  I had plica removed from the left knee (which is a lot better than the right knee now)

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

This are newish symptoms that have dramatically got worse

plica syndrome
athroscopy left knee plica removal
meniscus degeneration
osteo arthritis

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I can't tell you what's wrong with your knees but if your symptoms have got dramatically worse over a short space of time you really should go to A&E/ER. They can do both clinical and diagnostic testing which can help them diagnose exactly what the problem is.

You should not be in that much pain with your knees and if it's purely a knee problem, it shouldn't have that much of an unpleasant or painful effect on your ankles and feet.

PLease go and see your GP or go to A&E today. Let us know how you get on.

Take care x

Laura x
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Hi there

I agree with laura. I think a trip to your GP or local A+E is the answer. If you are having this much trouble and it just won't subside you need to get it looked at. They can check you out properly and give you a definate answer to your problems. Don't leave these things unsolved cause the situation could only end up getting worse.

Good luck with everythink
Let us know how you get on



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I agree with Laura and Sarah.  If there has been a dramatic change in the amount of pain you are experiencing, you need to get it checked out.  Have you had your back or hips evaluated?  Sometimes that will cause knee and leg pain.


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call your OS there is a test that they can do to ee if you have nerves that are blocked please do it soon
hugs to you

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FJ, Have you had your back checked. I had three knee operations before it dawned on them the problem was mostly from my back. Back problems can cause severe leg pain, I agee with the rest this sounds like something different then just knee problems. 
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I agree about the fact you should go see at least a GP or better an OS, however I don't agree about going to the A&E dept. You said yourself this is a problem that has been going on for years, and now gotten worse, this is not something that should be seen there, unless you had a recent trauma. Sorry, if I offend anyone, but in this case I think a Dr either OS is your way to go!

Hope you get things sorted soon!

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