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Author Topic: Synvisc and articular cartilage damage  (Read 36459 times)

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Re: Synvisc and articular cartilage damage
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2002, 06:09:28 AM »
Hi !  I did the Synvisc thing in my left knee in Oct. 2000 and my right knee in Dec. 2000.   i had relief from them until i fractured my foot and began stressing out my knees accomodating that.

I felt some inmprovement after my second injection and my ortho was genuinely surprised.  She told me that typically, the benefits do not start until 3 weeks after the series...I'm wondering if those of us who got more immediate relief was getting it from the addition of fluid rather than the effect of the SynVisc itself.   I also have wondered if the amount of total deterioration in that knee plays a role on the effectiveness of the SynVisc.

I know that for a few weeks, I was able to put on my socks and shoes like everyone else and that was great.  Sylvia
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