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Author Topic: PT tomorrow  (Read 3379 times)

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PT tomorrow
« on: July 22, 2002, 04:02:01 AM »
Hi everyone,
Tomorrow's my first PT appt after my TTT.  I'm kind of worried about how much it's going to hurt. I mean I've been going to the same therapy place for the last 3 years and I trust them to stop when it gets to be too much for me but I'm still worried about the pain.  My surgery was only a week and a half ago and from what I've read I seem to be starting PT alot sooner than most people who have had TTT's. My OS told me that I should take it as slow as I need them to because he doesn't want this to be a torture session for me but right now my ROM when I use the CPM is only 35 and I can feel that my quad is totally gone so I know I've got alot of work ahead of me.  What kind of experiences have those of you who have had TTT's had in PT during the first few sessions?  Was it really painful?  Thanks for any advice!

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Re: PT tomorrow
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2002, 04:18:19 AM »
Hi Sharon!

I started PT about 2 weeks post -op from my Fulkerson with a VERY trust PT whom I  had worked with for a long time. To start off he was very gentle and didn't push things a great deal.  Of course they do the general stuff of measuring and everything. Then all he did was have me try and do some leg raises, heel slides,  and then he did some very easy range of motion holding my leg and doing it for me but never forcing anything. The first several weeks of PT was a breeze for me. He let me kind of set the pace. Starting PT as early as we are is only to help gain range of motion. So if you think you might have a problem with staying in PT due to insurance issues you may want to save some of them up for when things get a bit more difficult. That's when you are going to need them, say in about a month. Until then things are pretty tame at PT at least for me they were.  Go in with a really positive attitude and you will do just fine. Please keep us updated and let us know how things go tomorrow and if I can help with anything else let me know, okay????  Take care!!  Lori S.
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Re: PT tomorrow
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2002, 05:04:39 AM »

After four separate starts for rehap post-op, I was dreading my fifth one last month.  Before, I had lost ROM and had a frozen knee, and they were really aggressive with me.  This time, things were much better--even though it was the same person doing the PT.  He said he could just tell I wasn't up to the "let's flip you over on the table and bend the crap out of your leg" routine this time.  

After three weeks of PT, it turns out I worried myself sick for nothing.  I even had someone stay with me this time so I could take painkillers before PT sessions this time, but after two sessions realized it was unnecessary.  If your doctor said to take things easy this time, hopefully his PT instructions/prescription will reflect that.

And you can always say no to anything that causes severe pain.  A good PT should be able to find another way to achieve the same results without hurting you.

Best of luck, and let us know how things go!

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Re: PT tomorrow
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2002, 05:41:32 AM »
I was just as worried about starting PT....only I started at 7.5 weeks post op...from the same surgery as you!!! I really really REALLY regret having started so late. I wanted to work back into things slowly..which I know they would have done if I started as soon as you. But my OS I was forced to sort of make up for lost time!!! My trusted PT worked me so hard to get me to where I should be..through tons of pain!!! I don't say this too scare you...but to make you feel better about starting so soon!!! B/c you are starting at 1 1/2 weeks post op it will be so much easier for you to get your ROM back AND to take your time doing it slowly!!! You know to tell your PT when it is too painful. For me my PT wouldn't listen b/c if he didn't have me rehab hard my ROM would be even rougher to get back b/c of all that wasted time!!! Both he and I were stuck in a hard situation! So just be glad that you are starting so soon...none of that feeling pressured to work your butt off any more than you have too!!! Good luck..let me know how it goes..and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me!!!

Best wishes,
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Re: PT tomorrow
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2002, 05:51:27 AM »

First of all...GOOD LUCK TOMORROW !!! Beleive me when I say the PT or most of them with patients having TTT's go slow and easy and work on ROM without causing torture !!

I didnt start till 8 weeks post-op but my OS had me doing ROM 3x daily at home !

You will be ok !

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