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Author Topic: Need Advice! After Tibial Plateau Fracture--Anyone Online Please Respond!!  (Read 716 times)

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Good Morning!!

I am looking for advice!! The day after Christmas I was in an acciedent. I broke my Tibial Plateau in 12 places. I also torn Cartilage, a tendon, and the lateral meniscus. I had surgery on Jan 3rd. They put in a plate and several screws to hold everything together. I spent 2 weeks with no bending. I started Physical Therapy in mid-Jan and just reached my 30 day mark in Physical Therapy yesterday. I still do not have rull ROM back. Maximum has been 72 degrees. The doctor said I should have been back to 90 degrees at least 2 weeks ago.
I am looking for any advice or information on rehab after this type of surgery. Ahy thoughts on Manipulation Under Anesthesia?

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12/27/06-Comminuted bicondylar proximal tibial fracture,left knee,with large central depression fracture lateral TP (12 different fractures)
1/3/07-Surgery-New owner of 1 plate,multiple screws
2/28/07-MUA (OS got 140)
5/3/07-Still in PT,ROM 138
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Re: Need Advice! After Tibial Plateau Fracture--Anyone Online Please Respond!!
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2007, 05:30:28 AM »
Keep thinking positive and keep up with your PT.  It took me six months to get my normal range of motion back after my surgery (also a TPF resulting in a plate, mutilple screws and loss of cartildge).  Everyone has different recovery times... mine was long.  In fact, my injury was Sept of 05 and I still have issues.  It's very frustrating, true.. I have always been athletic and this injury has limited the activities that I can do.  I still can't run without pain.. but, it could've been much worse.  Key: keep up on the PT even after they tell you that you're done!  Your progress sounds like its right on track.. and quick compared to mine.  Keep thinking positive, it will be hard, but it can be done!     
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Re: Need Advice! After Tibial Plateau Fracture--Anyone Online Please Respond!!
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2007, 01:06:48 AM »
Hi,  if you go into the specialist section and then Bone Breaks Around the Knee, you will find many peopel who have the same injury.  They may be able to help.
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