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Author Topic: knee question  (Read 708 times)

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knee question
« on: February 09, 2007, 03:18:39 AM »
My knee pain began after a series of leg exercises.  This happened a few weeks ago.  I was doing the leg extension and squats and noticed a inflammation for a brief period after exercise with no pain.  A few days later, on one day after weight-lifting, my knees burned while standing but subsided immediately upon sitting.  The next day however, I decided to continue with the squats as my knees didn't burn that morning.  I didn't notice any pain while doing the squats.  However, that night both knees burned a lot (something I haven't experienced before).  My left knee while walking for the next couple of weeks felt weak like it wasn't being used.  I rested all day recently while taking advil and my left knee was stiff for awhile and they generally felt like they were overworked but not too bad pain.  While resting, there was the occasional stabbing pain in the left knee.  The right knee inflammation went down and totally recovered this week.  The left knee still feels a bit of pain on pushing it and I'm still resting it.  I'm guessing the left knee inflammation will die down over the next couple of days ...  By the way, the pain is localized to the tendon below the knee.

So the progression was (1) short inflammation after weight-lifting (2) large amount of burning at knight in both knees at the end of my exercise series (3) right knee had a more tingly inflammation that gradually improved to near total resolution this week (4) left knee a more penetrative pain that has improved over the past week ...  My concern is that my left knee may be tendonitis.  The pain/inflammation occured over a short period over a couple weeks of weighlifting that progressed too quickly.  The weightlifting never caused any real pains/maybe slight discomfort when doing leg extension.  The squats, there was no noticeable pain or anything out of the ordinary until after the exercise when it was inflammed very shortly after walking to the car.

The question is, with this type of scenario, with no real pain or inflammation previous to this last series of exercises that stressed both knees, the left in particular, am I inheriting an aggravating condition?  Thanks for the replies.
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Re: knee question
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2007, 01:44:14 PM »

Sorry to hear that your having so many problems. My first advice would be to seek a professional opinion from your GP, and it they feel that there is a concern they will refer you to a local OS. Try not to do anythink to pressure the knee, by the sounds you knee gets extremely aggrevated very easily, and if there is a problem it will only make it worse. But get some advice ASAP cause knee problems can be a nightmare if not delt with properly.

Hope everythink gets sorted