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Author Topic: torn retinaculum/mcl  (Read 1369 times)

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torn retinaculum/mcl
« on: February 08, 2007, 04:45:01 PM »
hello.  I'm new to this board and very worried about my knee - hoping someone can help me.  Fell off a ski chair lift and twisted my knee badly 2 weeks ago.  Initial visit to OS, he thought grade 1 meniscal tear and  MCL sprain.  However subsequent MRI report reads briefly as follows:  :"High grade partial thickness tear of the posterior fibres of the medial patellar retinaculum.  Torn most anterior fibres of the MCL"  report also talks about joint effusion and bone bruising but states that the patella is inserted properly.  Won't be seeing OS again till a week later (was able to get copy of MRI report ahead of time through a friend).   Wondering if anyone can tell me if I will probably need surgery or can this heal on its own?  I am able to walk - but climbing stairs or bending the knee a certain way causes pain.  I am doing some knee exercised that the hospital PT gave me on initial visit.  Knee seems to feel a little better immediatedly after doing the exercises, but stiffens up again a little later, specially if I sit for a while.  Should I be wearing a brace and if so what kind? Also are there any good websites about info regarding retinaculum injuries, treatments, alternative therapies etc.  Would greatly appreciate any comments!

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Re: torn retinaculum/mcl
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2007, 04:13:16 AM »
I think that would depend on your age, activity level, and the philosophy of your OS. MCL surgery is a big deal, mine was open knee and from what I read thats the way it has to be done. As to bracing, Im surprised with what I've obsered that they dont have you in a lateral instability brace. Of course I have read arguments that a brace wont allow you to strengthen the damaged ligament. For me, I cant imagine life without a brace.
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