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Author Topic: Osgood Schlatter's and Chondromalacia  (Read 12417 times)

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Osgood Schlatter's and Chondromalacia
« on: February 18, 2007, 09:46:01 PM »
My children are plagues with knee problems. My 14 year old has chondromalacia and may be looking at surgery. She completed 4 months of physical therapy and now wears a brace for support. She will know in December if she will need surgery.
My main questions are for my daughter who is 11. She has a severe case of Osgood. She used to be very active in sports and now somedays she can barely walk. She tried the brace but that made things worse. Even rest doesn't seem to be helping anymore. She limps constantly.
Her OS did an MRI which showed the Osgood, a 3 cm ovoid area most consistant with a fibrous cortical defect and an increase signal intensity in the midportion of the lateral meniscus which is most consistant with myxoid degeneration. Oh and also there was marrow edema in the proximal tibia. She is in so much pain all the time. We are not happy with our current OS so we are seeking a second opinion.
Any input or advice would be appreciated.