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Author Topic: Bi-lateral anthroscopy & possible LR tomorrow!  (Read 9085 times)

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Bi-lateral anthroscopy & possible LR tomorrow!
« Reply #15 on: February 08, 2007, 02:21:27 PM »
Thanks for that Kaputbutback! Makes a bit more sense now - still getting used to all the jargon!

Useful to know what that means! Who knows, I might end up with one of those done tomorrow! I've been told that my knees (mainly my right) are in a bit of a mess, and they can't be sure exactly all that they will do until they are inside and can see what's going on. Could be fun! I don't really care what they do, they can do anything if it'll take away the pain and problems!

I under Gwent NHS Trust in South Wales, but they are paying for a private op as they can't fit me in the waiting list guideline times. I think our trusts probably worked on the same system - of triage first, although that's fine as long as they reffer you on when they can see the physio is getting you no where! I'm sure if things had been done sooner I would only be needing the scope and not all the other procedures as well as more damage has been done while waiting.

Oh, that aircast is just a tad too expensive I think! I invested in some wine bottle coolers that also happen to fit around my knees! They don't leak and can be reused so hopefully they'll do the trick! Thanks for the info about that website though I'll take a peek!

You say that rehab is 6 months? Really? I'm gonna be icing for that long? I'm surprised it's that long, but then I'm very new to all this and don't really have any idea whats to come!

I've been told that my surgeon is good, and when I've said his name to people he seems to be quite well known - for good reasons! He's a russain guy and seems to of been around for decades!

On of my main goals is to get my swimming up to speed again and to get back on the ski slopes. I swim for a team, but lately it's not been going well due to the old knees. Unfortunatley my best stroke is / was breaststroke! I'm aiming to enter a gala in November, so I have to get working on it straight away! I also live in quite a rural area and I'm really missing going for nice long walks with my boyfriend through the beacons. I have a big goals but if I have something to work towards then I'm pretty determined to get there! Fingers crossed it won't be too difficult!

Well, we'll soon find out after tomorrow! I'll let you all know how it goes! Catch ya soon!
Giglan x
Bi-lateral anthroscopy on 09.03.07 - severe damage to both knees.
Diagnosed with Osteo-arthritis in January '08 - advanced in right knee and beginning to spread to hip.