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Author Topic: Bad swollen Knee Pain  (Read 912 times)

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Bad swollen Knee Pain
« on: January 10, 2007, 03:27:38 PM »
My problem is that the whole knee swells up, and can effect either knee.

Itís a deep throbbing pain, which is swollen, warm and tender, which becomes exquisitely painful on movement Most of the pain seems to be at the bottom of the knee.(NOT top).† Pain relief (Diclofenac) and ice packs help and I am walking after about 4 days but the knee will still feel weak for about 3 weeks.

This is my 3th attack in as many months.


I am 44, been a Badminton player for the last 17 years, playing up to 5 hours a week, but not recently as much over the last 7 months.
Play Golf (baldly) last 5 years, but only play once a month
Did lots of walking when younger (like 250 mile walks)
Slightly over weight (BMI 27.5)
Have had elevated Uric Acid levels, but is only now just over the norm. Have had attacks of gout in my feet but not for ages.
Yes I do like my beer, but also drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I also donít drink every day
1ST time was about 9 years ago when 20ml of blood was taken out of my left knee. Told I had a burst blood vessel in the knee. .
Since then been getting it about once a year on either knee. When to hospital about 6 years ago and was diagnosis with a Bursitis and had high levels of Uric acid. (Gout)
Been to GP and my Uric acid back to just over normal levels.
However had an attack end of September, then the other knee 2 weeks later. Now 3rd time on my left knee.

I am being referred. But it will be about 10 days or so before I get seen.

Any ideas other than the Gout please?

Thanks in advance
Puli (Paul)