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Author Topic: Inner-Knee Clicks/Pops w/ sorness and stiffness. Possible meniscus issue?  (Read 1102 times)

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About 4 months ago I injured my knee surfing in Panama. I injured my right knee by bending inwards and a slight twist, I felt the pop and immediatly fell off my surfboard. My knee swelled up and was hard to walk on for the next few days. When I got back to the states I saw my doctor and he performed a test to see if there any issues. He was pretty sure that I was ok but should take it easy. I ended up not surfing for a while and starting to work out the knee a little bit to build up the muscles around the knee. I am still experiencing soreness pain and some stiffness still and just recently I have started to feel a pop when extending my leg. If I apply pressure on inside of the knee, a little bit behind the knee,with my hand the popping feeling will not occur. Could this be a possible meniscus issue? Any ideas?

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Welcome to the boards.....

Here is a site that has alot of details about meniscus injuries.

Hope you're feeling better soon.  ~shade
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I think it would be difficult to diagnose without examination/scans of the knee suggest you see your doctor and get referred to a OS , the earlier you do it , from bitter  experience, the less damage you will do.

I don't think anyone can guess what you may have done.
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