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Author Topic: Knee 'Catching'?  (Read 714 times)

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Knee 'Catching'?
« on: January 04, 2007, 01:14:31 AM »
Hey all. On dec 14th i slipped and tore my MCL (second degree), and the ER dr also said likely cartilage damage. I have not really had any of the so called tell-tale signs of cartilage damage other than the pain. Last night while laying in bed i went to straighten out my leg and it felt as though it would not go fully into extension. I could still flex it though, and after i flexed it up a bit i was then able to straighten it out fully?? Is this classified as catching? Is that a problem that occurs with mensicus tears? Could it be related to MCL tear? I see my PT in the morning and will mention this to him, but are there any ideas? Thanks,

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