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Author Topic: Hi I'm new here Peroneal nerve release and 3 previous knee ops  (Read 905 times)

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Hi I'm new here Peroneal nerve release and 3 previous knee ops
« on: November 28, 2006, 12:16:21 AM »
Hi FellowOwie- Knee Friends-

I am so glad to have found this message board.

Okay this is a quick overview of my history and current knee and leg situation. Sorry it's a bit long but I tried to cut it down.

What a relief to find so many others with knees that have gone bad or just need a bit of help to work properly.
I have had 3 knee surgeries/ rt. leg only. A patellar shaving and clean-up, lateral release ( both in the mid 1980's) a Maquet Procedure in 1989 ( this was a big one and I have not been the same since) I gave up volleyball, softball, skiing etc after the last one and my leg/knee never felt the same. Weak, painl, swelling, lack of range of motion the usual stuff I guess.?! 

Disability retired 1 yr after the Maquet Procedure @ age 32 and went back to work part-time 3 years later. (different field of work) Lt. Duty Status.

My pain began to worsen and I couldn't get any diagnosis except arthritis and patellar femoral problems. I had a bad incident of pain while standing up from a kneeling position in 2001. It hurt, swelled and scared me enough that I actually thought I had torn a ligament or cartlidge for the 1st time in my life and went back to an orthopedist and then another and so on.(my tendons and ligaments have always been strong despite the poor mechanics of my knees and once again this held true).

2 yrs and 6 orthopedists, a great PT group, 5 or so chiros, 2 acupunturists, pain management doc and a neurosurgeon later I was finally found to have a compressed peroneal nerve at the fibular head. 
I had decompression surgery in June 2005. The pain was gone for about 2 months and then returned with a bang,and is getting worse and worse. I am not a complaining type person and have tried to be strong but this pain leaves me curled up in the fetal position. Can't drive or work and most of all the pain meds don't allow me to my art work.Which is playing havoc with my spirit.
Last month a new MRI (MRN) found  the same thing had returned- but this time there is more scar tissue and swelling around the nerve. My pain is  at a consistantly  high level now. I see a therapist to help wth pain management and to keep me sane.
I see a pain manangement doc, take methadone 3x  a day, plus Norco for any break thru pain. I have been off all work since last October.  Tried PT, and any other pain relief: western med and natural, eastern med and homeopathic.

 I see a new orthopedist in L.A. next week. He is willing to work with the last neurosurgeon I met with to repair the mechanics of my knee if they feel it will help the nerve move better and reduce my pain. I can have just the nerve decompression surgery again but I am fairly certain, as are my docs ,that the same thing will occur again. I am a scar tissue machine.
I just feel as though my leg doesn't work right and have been saying that since my  knee surgery in 1989. I can't help but feel that this is affecting the nerve. I am also trying to stay optomistic and not admitting that there is a good chance the nerve may have some permanent damage as it has been compressed a long time.

So that is my story, my knee, like so many of yours is a bit haggared from surgeries, my nerve hurts like the dickins*. (*I always wanted to use that in a sentence)
I am running out of options. Has anyone had anything like this happen to their nerve and do any of you have any suggestions?
Thanks- I will be visiting this site a more regularly . Best of luck to all of you and your knees.

kathiw in sunny and rainy so. cal.

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Re: Hi I'm new here Peroneal nerve release and 3 previous knee ops
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2012, 01:59:46 AM »
hi .. am new here to knee jerks ... i have had 2 acl reconstructions over the last 3 years ..... my knee feels good and stable no doubt .... but i have had a funny pain over my fibula ever since i had my first surgery ... this pain got reduced after i had my second surgery .... but is still troublign me ... i am not worried that much abt the pain ... what i am worried is that i still do nto have full range of motion in my left operated leg .... the pain is nervy, tingling and is right above/under my fibula ..... with constant research, and a chat with a doctor in the usa, i have found out that it might be a case of peroneal nerve compression... sadly the doc does not practice anymore ...
I live in singapore, and am sad to say that none of the doctors here can solve this problem .. they do not seem to even know about such a condition ....
i am a professional cricketer but havent played the game for 4 yrs now .. i hope to return to the field soon but without having full range of bending in my leg, i can only dream of a return ...

to all knee jerks bloggers, can anyone of you please tel me a doctor who can solve this problem .. am open to havign a surgery for this, as long as i can get better .... i will be travelling to Houston soon for work and it will help if any of u suggests a doctor in Houston or even california .... i am ready to travel the world to get this fixed .... trying to find out a solution for the last 4 years and still not getting one has been a pain on the backside for me .....

i really hope someone replies to this post and helps me out ....

thanks a ton