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Author Topic: knee problem questions  (Read 673 times)

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knee problem questions
« on: November 27, 2006, 06:40:00 AM »
I am new to this board and honestly I didn't exactly know where to post this so I post on in the topic made for posters that don't know their way around this message board yet :)

Anyways here is my question with the story behind it first...

about 6 weeks ago while playing dodgeball (yes dodgeball) at a Church function I went up to catch a ball thrown at me and when I came down I felt two pops in my right knee then it buckled and I went down.  First of all I am a decently sized guy (around 220-230 Lbs) so I really didn't think I jumped that high.  Anyways I didn't see how it buckled, but it hurt.  Several of my friends looked checked it out since most played some type of highschool sport and they have seen injuries like this before.  They pulled me up and I was somewhat able to walk on it, but I couldn't straighten it, and some times my knee felt like it would buckle.  Well anyways a week later I was at my church going to help out the youth pastor and as I tried to get in the church van, I mistakenly push off on the bad knee/leg and it poped again.  This time though I couldn't walk on it and the pain didn't go away for a couple of days.  Without going into too many details about my finacial history, let's just say I can't aford to go to a Doctor and get it checked out at least not at this moment.  I have tried to wait it out, but it seems to be only getting marginally better, even after trying to work out my leg a little, but still I can't walk on it without crutches.  I have been on crutches for 5 weeks.

What upsets me about it is the fact I had a job interview at a workplace that was going to give me full health insurance as soon as I started training and I lost it because of this injury...  If I can wait it out till I register for college then I can have my mom try to get me covered by her insurance...honestly it is a pain in the neck....  I am not the most active guy around, but I hate just sitting at home waiting untill registration and my one hope of getting some type of insurance...

Anyways my question is what do yall think the problem could be?  I can't walk on it, and I can't straighten it and I have tried, but it hurts a lot when I do.

Thanks in advance