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Author Topic: OATS??  (Read 1403 times)

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« on: November 23, 2006, 04:34:05 AM »
Hi everyone,

I just found out yesterday that my OS is suggesting that I have an OATS.  I was supposed to speak to him about the results of my MRI from last week but since I can't get calls at work (I'm a teacher), I called his nurse and she gave me the results instead.  Basically I have a defect on my patella and one on my trochlea from the damage to my knee from the years I had patella baja.  My patellar tendon was so contractured for so long that my patella was smacking against bone constantly which killed my cartilege.  I don't really know much other than that.  My OS wants me to come in as his last patient of the day sometime in the near future so he has plenty of time to spend with me to go over my MRI images and discuss the surgery.  He knows that this is the absolute last thing that I want to do.  This would be my 7th surgery on this knee and after the last one in July 2005 I swore I wasn't going to have another surgery for a long, long time.  How bad is this one?  My last one was really hard to deal with and I really don't know if I can handle going through something like that again so soon afterwards.  It figures that I'd get this news when my PT is away for Thanksgiving.  When I see her again next Tuesday we're going to have alot to discuss because I trust her to tell me whether this would be a good idea or not.  She's been treating me for about a year and a half straight at this point (I'm on their fitness program now), she knows my knee and in a way I trust her more than my OS to tell me if this is the right thing to do.  Anyway, if anyone could give me some idea of what this surgery is like and what the recovery is like I'd appreciate it. 

Thanks for any help and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: OATS??
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2006, 05:59:17 AM »
Ask your OS about the OBI syunthetic plugs.....a few people on these boards have had success with them in the patella.  My OS said OATS has only a 30% chance to work.  I have a patella defect as well & am waiting to see if these OBI PLugs work out in the next  or so. 

How large is your defect, did he say?