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Author Topic: What procedure: OATS/Microfracture/ACI/Mosacipalsty...  (Read 2097 times)

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What procedure: OATS/Microfracture/ACI/Mosacipalsty...
« on: July 29, 2009, 01:19:02 PM »
I am new here and really glad i found this knee forum. What a wealth of info from people who have gone through so much.
I wish to ask a question which i hope some could give insight into.

I am a male, 35yrs of age and recently diagnosed with an OCD on my L knee in medial femoral condyle. I was told that it was not too large. My Medial meniscus is also extruded but not torn or damaged in anyway. I am in fair bit of pain and am unable to completely extend my L leg. (Flexion is no problem). As a result, i am walking by compensating with my R leg, the good one.

One consultant has seen me and has suggested ACI., but passed me on to another consultant who specialiises in this area. I am awaiting a consultation. I have read a bit on ACI and it seems horriying. 2 procedures, the second very drastic and vast rehab. I was also told of microfracture. This seems less drastic but i am still concerned with the rehab.
He also mentioned possibility of plugs? Not sure on this procedure. And, and maybe mosaci. I do not know much on this technique? Advice appreciated.
As i suffer from bow-legs, my knees are malaligned and i have read these procedures are not beneficial with knees which suffer either bow or knock-kneed.
Of greater concern to me is the fact that i am self-employed and am active in my job travelling around. The implications financially are massive.?
Can anyone give advice to me as to what procedure would best suit myself?  What risks are there with these procedures? Also, are there any other alternatives, ie non surgically? Would leaving it too long cause any long term effects? It has been 4-6mnths already i have been living with the problem. All thoughts greatly appreciated.

A worried patient. Huh