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Author Topic: Don's Carticel/TTT 4 weeks post op  (Read 1419 times)

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Don's Carticel/TTT 4 weeks post op
« on: November 13, 2006, 08:43:22 PM »
Just got back from my 4 week post op checkup.

Here are the X-Rays he took:

The Good:

Doc is not concerned by my lack of flex in the knee. I am at about
40 Degrees and he gave me the go ahead to start working harder on
the bending. He wants me to hang my leg over the edge of a chair
and let gravity do it's work.

OS also wants me to start working on straight leg lifts, straight
leg lifts abduction and adduction. (Side to side)

OS want me to keep the CPM 6 - 8 hours a day for another 3 weeks.

OS is sending me to PT twice a week.

We took Xrays I posted them inthe pictures section. Everything is
still in place and looks good.

The Bad:

He took no pictures during surgery. Bummer.

Insurance will not cover the cost of the CPM for the additional 3
weeks. Go figure. The insurance will gladly pay 40 or 50 thousand
to have the surgery but won't pay the lousy $300 to help with the


All in all, I am relieved to have this visit done and am looking
forward to making my knee bend.

I still have pain around the knee mostly on the left side of the
knee and at the top edge of the TTT location. I have not rally been
able to tell anything aboutt he Carticel implant site, but I do not
have pain from that location at this point.

There is a BIG difference between the CPM and bending without the
CPM. I was at 55 degrees in the CPM for 3 hours last night. But, I
could only get to 40 hanging my leg over the edge of the exam table.
(and it HURT) With the go ahead to work harder on ti, I think I
will get more flex rather quickly. We will see.

50 y/o male
Houston TX 

4 surgeries
Manual manipulation Dec 2006
Carticel implant with TTT October 2006
Carticel Harvest August 2006
The following done October 2005:
Chondromalacia Grade III to IV
Scope with chondromalacia
plus lateral release
plus plica resection