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Author Topic: MACI using CaReS system (1st in UK apparently) - follow my progress  (Read 10917 times)

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Re: MACI using CaReS system (1st in UK apparently) - follow my progress
« Reply #60 on: November 01, 2007, 07:36:35 PM »
Hi Gammy.  Can you believe it's almost been a year??  :o 

I was just wondering...I know our protocols are different, but for me they are planning on going in for the purpose of the study to take new pics and see if my cartilage has taken.  Are you having this done at all?  You haven't mentioned anything like it, but I was just curious.  Even an MRI?  Let me know!  I'm not worried about this surgery as it's just a scope, I'm just worried about what they find.

Glad to hear all is going well for you.   :)

2 x 1.2 cm defect of right medial femoral condyle
Microfracture, right knee, October 18, 2004.
MACI using CaReS, same knee, November 30, 2006

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Re: MACI using CaReS system (1st in UK apparently) - follow my progress
« Reply #61 on: November 01, 2007, 11:58:04 PM »
Well, 1 op down, 1 to go, no dreaming this time but seem to remember sounds - weird, although you know it's bad when the anaesthetist comes in to meet you and remembers you!

I see what you meant about taking blood, they didn't tell me and I've never been the best with needles (about 10 minutes) and the operating theatre was so cold that the only time I've been colder was a New Year in Berlin with no thermals as I hadn't looked to see the temperature (-15), they had to give me 3 blankets when I came round post op.

Surgeon went into my other knee as it was clicking and apparently it looks the same as the one I'm having the ACL on so I'll talk to him on that one at some point (probably just before 2nd op). We'll probably try a tidy up (whatever name that's given) as even though it didn't work on 1 knee doesn't mean that it won't work on the other, but it will have to wait until I'm strong enough to do climbing stairs and full weight bear on this knee and have built up muscles again.

Thing that the operation has showed me is that there is no way I could live on no weight bearing in this house (fiancée having left me 2 months ago), so I'm back off to my parents post op until I can partial weight bear. I expect I'll be home for Xmas though as that's 6 weeks post op. Cat will have to go to his hotel!

Worst of pain was day of operation but by Tuesday it was a lot better (especially after my vast 3 hours sleep in hospital, who do they make those beds for?), improvements day by day now, bandages came off left knee today and swelling coming down on both as far as I can see.

At least there is sport on the TV, actually found myself rooting for Andy Murray to win today so I must be traumatised by the op.

Gamy, I never meant you for running it was Kaly who I was referring to. I was telling the surgeon about it at the hospital and he said that there is no way that the graft can take in 6 months, hence no impact stuff. If it goes to plan it will be hill walking in the Tatra Mountains in mid-August, followed by hill staggering home after too much Polish beer. I wonder if by swimming that means I can scuba as well, I'll cross skill my Padi to BSAC in that case as their advanced gives me greater depths to go to (I did my Padi 3 weeks before 1st operation on knee after it swelled up, it hurt but was still enjoyable).

If I feel I can run it will be just before Xmas next year before I'm willing to try it and even then it will be on grass at a very very slow pace and for no more than 5 minutes. Then I'll see what the reaction is. Don't think I'll be approaching my best 10K time for a while if at all. If for the rest of my life I cannot be as athletic as I want to be I'll still have been above average for the length of my life so I can look back at the good memories and not the bad. Only regret would be that I never did a marathon (I would have trained to beat 3 hours for it but probably come in just over) but I've other sporting memories that eclipse that.

I don't think I'll rant although thanks for the offer, there are people worse off than me (next door neighbour who has lung cancer - if I ever feel sorry for me I only have to look at his deterioration over the last 7 months). Going to use the time to gain some more qualifications and see what happens if my company decide to make me redundant at some point (my boss has just been put on gardening leave). At least they cannot do it whilst I'm on this stuff!

Anyway, stitch out on Tuesday at local doctors surgery (never had a stitch before - it's all new this).

I'll keep people informed but knowing what the knee was like before I'm positive that it will be better at the end of it, if it turns out not to be (and that won't be by me not following rehab and advise) I'm still glad that I've tried it out.

Please think of me on the 12th looking stylish and debonair in my fashion frock.....