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Author Topic: Has anyone had a Bionic knee Brace for osteoarthritis prescribed for pain  (Read 1579 times)

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My pain management doc prescribed this new brace. He didn't really explain it . It looks like a tens unit sort of with gel and knee pads and velcro and you wear it 6-8 hours. I have plenty of cartilidge and don't have arthritis that I know of , but I suppose everytime someone has surgery there is some arthritis after. However, after 6 months continued pain and RSD have been a problem. I've tried this brace for three nights already and amazingly I'm walking longer and on my feet longer and have less pain in my operated knee. Mind you I still have the burning nerve pain , but the general tightness that normally occurs after continued time on my feet has improved. Has anyone else had success with this brace. To see what it it go to