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« on: October 28, 2006, 01:15:30 AM »
Ok any one who has been through this or has a better understanding than me, I saw my Dr earlier this week and have been searching for the answers...........I am scheduled to have an ACL revision with "button hook" procedure, I somewhat get this, but I have alot of chondral defects, mostly grade 2's some weight bearing, biggest one is the grade 4 on the full weight bearing side of medial femor, He says he may micro-fracture what he can, i still get this, but the grade 4 may have gotten worse since April which was the time they removed ACL and femor screws.  This is where I get lost and confused, if he can not micro fracture it he will prepare me for an allograft from a cadavar.  I went on Steadman/hawkins, I think it is callled osteochondral allograft, would that be right?  there it says non weight bearing up to 6 weeks I guess, "straight leg cast"?????  For up to one year???  Is that right, or tell me a miss print, because I mentioned to my Dr about that sight and the research I had done, he seemed impressed that I would look into my own future in a sense, he said he has studied the same research and often follows his techniques and protocols.  But can that be right?  quick correction it said "straight leg cast or long brace"??

Any one gone through this, what might i expect as in recovery time, pain, what was it like for you?  I know it is tedious and hard core, we have already discussed that, just not sure what tedious means for him!

He also said that the surgeries would be staged which is a good yet a bad thing, but he might have to do an osteo open wedge surgery, or something like that?

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Re: confused
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2006, 01:52:36 AM »
Hi there,

I took a look at the Steadman Hawkins site, here's an excerpt the section you mentioned:

"Osteochondral Allograft Resurfacing

Crutches and limited weight bearing for two weeks on the operative leg, followed by full weight bearing in a long leg cast brace for one year.
Pool therapy and bicycling are usually started within 2 weeks.
Recovery to full activity usually occurs when the cast brace is discontinued.
Return to running and impact sports depends on the number of grafts used."

It is a little confusing. My impression from reading this is that it must be some type of removeable brace. My reasoning is that it would be impossible for the patient to begin pool therapy and bicycling within two weeks if it were anything but a removeable brace. "Long leg" would tend to imply that it probably goes from groin to ankle rather then mid-thigh to mid-calf like the ACL type braces. I could be wrong, but that's my take on it.

Look around for info on OATS (osteoarticular transfer system). I recently came across a couple sections of KNEEguru that I hadn't seen before; they have a lot of really good information: 

Here's a link to KNEEguru's section on articular cartilage repair, including info on osteotomy and general rehab questions (like why does the rehab take so long?):

There are lots of other references with links at the end of the article.

And, a link to KNEE guru's dictionary:  useful external links here as well.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

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