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Author Topic: OBI article with an interesting tidbit...  (Read 1583 times)

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OBI article with an interesting tidbit...
« on: October 27, 2006, 08:48:34 PM »
Full-thickness cartilage defects can be filled with autogenous transfer of osteochondral grafts. The controversy is whether it is wise to "rob Peter to pay Paul."

The defects on the lateral femoral condyle are generally left open and have been shown to fill with fibrous tissue, without any symptoms. Recently, the use of a composite plug (polylactide-coglycolide, calcium sulfate, and polyglycolide fibers), from OsteoBiologics, Inc. (OBI), has been used to both fill this defect and the primary lesion. This plug is approved for use in the United States, but only to fill the harvest-site defects.

Is this still true?  I know a few of you have had these to fill your patella defects.  This article is from 2005, so maybe the USA  allows the OBI PLugs to be used for AC lesions.....

I've read about a lot of promising things on the horizon but who knows if they will work long term....

**The OBI Plugs are one & the Car-GEL used along with the microfracture technique seems promising.....I spoke with the car-Gel people and they said they are to conduct trials in the USA before 2009. They are currently doing them in Canada & europe I believe.

If the OBI's work, I'd be thrilled to get 15 years out of it.  How are you OBI people doing anyway?  Havent heard from some of you in awhile.
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