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Author Topic: Has anybody else had MRSA following surgery?  (Read 4121 times)

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Has anybody else had MRSA following surgery?
« on: October 27, 2006, 03:27:20 PM »
Was wondering if anybody had caught MRSA after surgery.  It happened to me, and was wondering what other people are going through after surviving it. 

I had an arthroscopy in mid-May 2006 and within a couple of days, was in total pain.  Went to the emergency room where they sent me home with painkillers (not even looking at it).  After a visit to my doctor's office (sent me home with Demerol and something for naseua.  Don't even remember going there (everything is just a blur).  A few days after that, I ended up in the emergency room.  I fell at home and was in total pain.

The doctor in the emergency room drained some infection out of my knee and admitted me.  I had a fever of almost 104 C.  The following day, the surgeon for this hospital (we only have 2 - small town) went in and drained my knee.

They didn't start me on Vancomyacin until a couple of days later.  But anyways, was in this hospital for the entire month of June, and at the beginning of July they sent me to another hospital a few hours away (somewhere where they had Infection Control Specialists).  Had numerous surgeries there.  Was sent back to my hometown hospital at the end of July.  After spending a couple of days there, they let me go home, with the assistance of Home Care. 

Right now, I still can't bend my knee much, and also have a scar running down my leg that is about a foot and a half long.  I am in Physio, but don't see much improvement. 

Was wondering if there was anybody else out there that is going through the same as me. I have pictures of it..but don't know how to put them up in here.

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Re: Has anybody else had MRSA following surgery?
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2006, 08:25:29 PM »
Hi there...
I have no experience with this problem...
But WOW what a rough way to go...I hope you are doing tons better now!
I am being tested for osteomyelitis right as I type this...But I am not sure what to expect yet...It just seems weird to me...It seems like most of you with infection contracted it soon after the surgery while your wounds were still healing...My wound is fully shut...I am 14 weeks post op...So I am just not sure what to make of it yet...
But anyhow...
I really hope you are doing better now...I'd like to hear about how you are feeling now...It has been a few months right? Hope to hear from you soon...
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Re: Has anybody else had MRSA following surgery?
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2006, 01:58:11 PM »
I also developed MRSA secondary to a scope and postop  bleed into the knee. I had the scope on a Friday,and that night bled through my entire padded bandage,and called the OS. OF course,NOTHING, and the next morning the bed was covered in blood,so tried calling the OS again for hours, and only kept getting cryptic messages from the hospital, where they talked to him, but did not allow me to talk,and finally went to the ER, and asked they call and let me talk. Eventually hours later, the OS looked at my leg andsaid "OH you decided to bleed this time, " admitted me for pain control, ice,atb,etc.Went home on Tuesday,and Wednesday, saw green pus drainging down my leg,called the OS office on Wed, THur and Friday,and was told I could not have an infection, it was too close post op for it to show up.WRONG, due to pain, and inability to move the leg at all went to ER<where the ER dr.said DON"T you know infection when you see it? Was cultured, sent to the floor, and had a scope every other day for a week, until all signs of infection were debrided,Started on Vanco,and another ATB IV for 8 weeks, then switched to 3 oral ATBSfor another 6-8 weeks. Then had another scope to make sure infection was gone. Supposedly , according to OS, was, but have had multiple bone scans since then and all say " Cannot rule out osteomyelitis."  I don't know why you would have had to be in the hospital, as IV antibiotics is the usual treatment after the cleanout scopes, and those can be done at home. I live in a rural town, and the care basically SUCKS, but that is the basis of MRSA recovery. I also developed so much scar tissue that I have limited Flexion and am scheduled for a revision TKR in a month or so.My biggest risk of course, is infection, still smoldering in the joint, and the osteolysis since the first TKR. I would imagine that you, too, have developed scar tissue that is leading to your stiffness, and lack of movement. IS the OS that did your scope managing the case now? Infection disease drs. just strive to make sure the infection is gone and \not somewhere else in your body, or being harbored in the knee. You need the orthopedic management for the recovery of the knee. IF the OS that handled the scope is not doing so, you need to ask for a referral, to another,and before they prepare to do anymore procedures will need to culture the fluid in your knee prior to any other procecure. The saddest part about scenarios like this is that although you developed MRSA from a hospital setting, the OS and hospital does not become responsible, as when you, like me, are determined enough to get proper care, we negate what might have happened, and spare those responsible for facing what they did. I once had a urologist, and Internist that failed to treat a sepsis with yeast in my blood, on the original cultures, even though I was in ICU with sepsis, temp of 105, cardiac problems, etc, but when I found out , by getting months old lab reports of that stay,why I continued to feel bad, that the original cultures alsoshowed YEAST,and it was not treated AT ALL, and sought treatment with an infection disease prevent the the loss of my bladder, or what ever else effect, the attorney I consulted at the time, told me :"Yes, the dr and hospital made grave errors, but because I was smart enough to get treatment, ultimately maybe saving my life, I did in my case against them, as I could not sue for what could have happened to me. IF I had not taken further action. !!! Reallyl makes sense< HUH?   He went on to say THANK GOD I had spared myself further damage, but that was that. THe cost of specialists and expert witnesses, the trial, representation, etc would cost more than anything I could hope to be awarded, so forget it. SUCKS doesn't it. THAT I paid for these drs to help me, they harm me, I save myself, and end up making them not responsbile for their actions. COULD HAVE Died, and then could sue them. Good luck, see an OS, and get that knee moving, before you lose it all. Teresa
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Re: Has anybody else had MRSA following surgery?
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2006, 10:17:40 PM »
My husband got MRSE (a cousin to MRSA) In August of 2006 and was  in the hospital for a week. He had three scopes to flush the knee while in the hospital and had 8 weeks of at home IV therapy with Vanco. We just finished the Vanco and now he is on 3 months of oral therapy with Bactrim.

My husband is still in horrible pain from damage the infection did to the joint and is also in physio. It is working somewhat but is doing nothing to control the joint pain. His ROM is getting better though. He will need another scope in January to clean out the damage from the MRSE and they will test the joint fluid at that time to make sure the MRSE isnt colonizing again. He has been told that he can get his total knee one year after being infection free. The first test will be the January one and they will darw fluid from the knee in June and then again in January of 08. If there is no MRSE he can then get his total knee but as for know he is taking percocet and will most likely be referred to the pain control center to help until he can get his total knee done.

I sure hope things start to get better for you let us know how you do!!!

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Re: Has anybody else had MRSA following surgery?
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2006, 04:53:12 AM »
It seems like more and more people are having problems with post-op infections now days... and everyone recieves about the same type of treatment by the doctors.

I too developed a MRSA infection following surgery in April of this year. It started off with part of the incision not wanting to heal, and was put off as a 'simple suture abscess', for which I was put on Keflex and Bactrim and the 'wait and see' approach. In June my doctor went in and cleaned out the abscess, which turned out to be a lot deeper set than was first expected, yet he still just sent me home on Bactrim. The incision still would not close, so he went back in July to clean it out yet again. At that point I was sent to an infectious disease doctor who diagnosed me with osteomyelitis, a bone infection, and was started on IV Rocephin and Clindamycin. That doctor left the country in August and pretty much left me hanging... with an ever-growing hole in my leg. In late September I went back to my OS because the incision still wasn't closing, and he went back in and cleaned it yet again. Following that cleaning my temp spiked and my white blood cell count came out very low so my OS admitted me to the hospital for 2 weeks. While I was in the hospital I met with a new infectious disease doctor who ordered another bone scan to see if the osteomyelitis had returned, and it had. He then started me on IV Gentamycin, Zyvox, and Clindamycin as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. At the end of October I was referred to a plastic surgeon who could go in and clean out the area and close it so it would heal. He came out of that surgery and said that there is absolutely nothing wrong inside of my leg and suggested I have another bone scan to see if it still came up positive for osteomyelitis... surprise, it did! The hyperbarics place sent him the results of that scan and has been trying to call him for the past week, but he is not returning the phone calls whilist I am still sitting here with a huge hole in my leg and the other doctors cannot do anything without his go-ahead so the wait and see game has began yet again.
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Re: Has anybody else had MRSA following surgery?
« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2006, 06:40:15 PM »
Yes.  I've been exactly where you are ... I won't repeat my story.  How are you doing now?  Made me cry reading your poast.  I hope you're doing well.  Feel free to email me if you wish....

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