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Author Topic: intra-ligamentous cyst??  (Read 666 times)

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intra-ligamentous cyst??
« on: September 29, 2006, 11:31:53 PM »
 I have had X-Rays and MRI's done on my knee. The X-Rays showed nothing although the MRI showed that there was a possible intra-ligamentous cyst on my ACL in the left knee along with a mild patellar tilt.  I was sent to see a specialist 2 weeks ago and he noticed that the ACL in the MRI films was not showing up very well.  Even though he saw this he ruled out the MRI diagnosis and sent me back to regular duty at work which consist of walkin atleast 5 miles a day.  I started having more pain and they put me back on light duty.  My knee feels fine at times and I seem to walk ok but occasionally I have so much pain that the regular pain killer will not help. It is the excessive walking and range of motion in my knee that makes things most unconfortable.  I can not put pressure on it nore can I even bend the knee too far back while sitting.  WHAT IS AN INTRA-LIGAMENTOUS CYST, WHAT CAUSES THEM AND WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? 

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