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Author Topic: knee mouse  (Read 1540 times)

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knee mouse
« on: May 23, 2003, 08:33:54 AM »
Hi,  I've got a knee mouse (broken piece of cartilage floating around).  I have heard someone say that this could just wear away after a while.  Is there any truth in this?  Otherwise, I expect to have surgery in about 6 months.  Thanks.

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Re: knee mouse
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2003, 09:15:26 AM »
If it doesn't bother you, don't bother it. I had a mouse joint that was annoying. I went to a "top" surgeon listed in The Best Doctors. I watched him have a field day cutting away good cartilege and ignoring the spot where the problem was--I was on a subdural and could watch the surgery on the screen while this butcher was doing it.

As a result of that surgery, I still have the joint mouse, but now my patella no longer tracks properly. I have learned that by straightening my leg, the joint mouse pops back and doesn't bother me. All that surgery did was screw up my knee.

Before going to any other surgeon, I now consult with a number of patients who have seen him/her. After all, they get paid whether they screw up or not and it's very hard to prove malpractice. You can have a muffler put into your car and have the job guarenteed. How many OS's will guarentee their work?

So I believe that surgery should be the last choice and only done when your problem has reached critical mass.