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Author Topic: Have torn MCL  (Read 740 times)

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Have torn MCL
« on: September 13, 2006, 02:09:10 PM »
I had written a post about my torn MCL. Have been walking better. Still can't walk right, but getting better since the incident. Last night though something happened.  I was getting in bed with hubby. I slide up from the foot of the bed, sheets pulled down. We have a king size bed thats very tall.  Anyway, I was trying to wiggle my foot under the sheet/blankets. LIghts were out at this point. Hubby asked what I was doing, I said trying to get under the blankets to pull them up. He thought I meant I couldn't reach them. In turn, he grabbed the blankets, which had my rgith foot wrapped in them (I have an injured right knee) and yanked. I think my foot pulled up, which made my knee bend (which is excrutiating to me) and all this was at an angle. Its like my foot was pulled up to cross my leg over my left knee. WHen he did this i let out a scream, I heard a bunching of cracking and popping in my knee and cried like a baby from the pain. Today my knee is very sore again. I can barely walk on it now. I am so depressed.  I leave fora trip on Monday, In a wedding the following friday. We are so broke right now, washing machine is busted too.

Was the crunching popping noise just the injury? or did he hurt something more?