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Author Topic: CT Scan Results Help  (Read 2183 times)

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CT Scan Results Help
« on: September 11, 2006, 01:58:20 PM »

Just wanted to see if anyone knows how to read a CT and xray scan of the knees and hips. I tried on the general knee questions but no-one could help so thought i would try here. Just trying to make sense of this before I go to OS this wedneday. This is what it says.

Both Knees

On the lateral film of 90 degree flexion I note patellar baja.

Ct Scan
                                                            Right                    Left
Quags relaxed
Femoral Trochlear Depth                           6mm                     5 mm
Femoral Trochlear Angle                           137 degree           136 degree
Patellar Tilt Angle                                    16 degree             13 degree
Congruence Angle                                   35 degree             25 degree

Quads Contracted
Patella Tilt Angle                                      20 degree   
Congruence Angle                                    22 degree              22 degree

Tubercle Lateralisation                          9 mm                    13 mm

The hip joints are enlocated. We have superimposed the images to give the angle between the femoral neck and distal femur. On the right the angle is 24 degree. On the left 32 degree."

If anyone knows what the normal findings are or anything let me know.

Thanks heaps

Patella Baja, Miserable Malalignment
00 - Lateral Release right leg
01 - Lateral Release left leg
02 - TTT left leg
03 - TTT right leg
04 - Patella osteotomy left leg
05 - Patella osteotomy right leg