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Author Topic: Set-back four months post ACL surgery  (Read 832 times)

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Set-back four months post ACL surgery
« on: March 15, 2006, 04:32:30 PM »
I had ACL recontruction in October and a successful rehabilitation.  After consulting with my surgeon a few weeks ago I returned to recreational basketball.  During the game I snapped the knee straight rather hard and felt some dull pain and trauma in the joint.  I stopped playing and since then I have gone back to strengthening the joint through resistance training at the health club.

However, I am still feel a tenderness when I straighten/lock the knee completely, and I am worried that I might have reinjured the joint in some way.  I have not gone back to see my surgeon because I was hoping the tenderness would go away.  It has been three weeks since I "tweeked" the knee and I wonder if I should continue to strengthen it at the gym or go immediately to see the surgeon.

Any ideas or advice on this kind of problem?  Thanks.
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Re: Set-back four months post ACL surgery
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2006, 03:09:38 PM »
How are you on this thing... i had an ACLr 4 mths ago and 1 week ago I skidded and fell on my patella and patella tendon swelled. My OS told me graft was intact only fat pad bruised and patella tendon strained. and prolly hamstring strained. I cant straighten and bend much... but he said 2-3 weeks later it should be normal.

Hopefully things are going well for u now! :P
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