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Author Topic: chondromalacia to RSD (like me?)  (Read 1505 times)

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chondromalacia to RSD (like me?)
« on: September 02, 2006, 08:56:52 PM »
has anyone else battled with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystraphy)  as a result of their knee problems?

i had what was supposed to be a fairly common chondromalacia and maltracking problem.  after nearly 2 years of getting worse and worse, unsuccessfully seeking many doctors advice ,being pushed in a wheelchair, becoming an emotional wreck, i finally got the proper diagnosis.
  a cycle had developed between my brain and my sympathetic nervous system, which seemed unstoppable.  my nervous system was telling my brain that my knees were in grave danger and needed all the troops to be sent out.  my brain compelled me to stop using my knees.  i felt a great need to go to bed to protect them.   the pain intensified, the muscles around the knee atrophied and took on a bluish hue.   my mental state became increasingly fearful.  i couldn't think straight, couldn't hold a conversation, watch a movie, read a book, eat much of a meal.  my passion was to protect my knees and i was obsessed with getting them better.  that"fight or flight" system had taken over.   just crying , anxiety, fear and hopelessness.

the worst seems to be over.  one year later i think back on the 10 visits to cedar-sanaii hospital in los angeles, where i received 10 sympathetic nerve blocks to help stop the cycle.   specific nerves along the spine were isolated and anesthetized temporarilly in order that the brain learn that the knees were not in that much trouble while i learned how to slowly walk again in a pool.
after 10 blocks over a two month period , i was able to walk around the house, then later down the street, then drive.
a few months later, i felt pretty normal again, though my knees still  had chondromalacia issues to deal with.

for 6 months all was well and i was happy to join the living again.  to take a walk, pop into a store, stand in a was glorious.  in the last two months, however,  my knees became inflamed because of a move i made without thinking.  i'm trying to be calm but i must admit i get a little worried knowing the my brain could possibly do this again.  i'm breathing deeply, trying to keep my body relaxed, think positively and walking, even when i'm tempted to take the easy way and let someone else get it.  i never want that to happen again and i think i've learned enough to maybe beat it.

has anyone else been through (going through) this?  any tips on managing RSD while still having some ongoing knee pain to deal with would be appreciated.    maybe we can share some good information about keeping this condition at bay.

thanks, cheryl